Monday, April 06, 2009

Busy week ahead!

I'm still sick...ugh! But thank goodness I finally kicked the wonkiness from taking that stupid cold medicine. :p Never again.

Yesterday after lunch I asked DH if I should hand wash the dishes. He said nope he would have the dishwasher all done in a few minutes. Two hours later he "finished"... the kick plate isn't on it because he is still worried it might leak. So I started loading it. This sucker holds a lot of dishes so it will take a while before I a) figure out where I want everything to go and b) fill it up enough to run it.

Today Darly is having an American Girl Book Club. She wants to do the entire thing we'll see how that goes. It should be fine as the girls who are coming are best buddies.

Tomorrow we have gymnastics...after being off last week for Spring Break. I've been getting some tips from a new friend on how to work on Darly's skills...I hope we don't upset her coach too much with the one tip (it's holding her hands in a different way for her round-off) hee hee! This simple adjustment is supposed to give her a lot more power.

Wednesday we are going rock climbing! Well Darly is...I'm a big chicken. ha ha

Thursday is Maundy Thursday and Gymnastics. DH said we should just do gymnastics. okie dokie

Friday is of course Good Friday

Sometime this week I need to get stuff ready for's all bought. And at Church one of the kids in class spilled the beans about the Easter Bunny. She asked "Who here still believes in the Easter Bunny?" So I raised my hand! I still believe! I don't think that Darly was suprised though.

Okay I should get off the computer and get ready for our Book Club.


  1. Oh man, rock climbing. I'm down for some rock climbing!

    I love that episode of Seinfeld where George and Kramer go rock climbing with Elaine's mimbo.

    Elaine: So did you guys have fun?
    George: Yeah.
    Kramer: For a little while.

  2. I hope Darly's book club went well - I hope you encouraged her for wanting to be independent and doing it herself and not that she isn't able to.

    Hope you kick the illness soon!!

  3. I had to laugh at the 'spilling of the beans' at church about the Easter, you can always rely on them to do something outrageous. Hope you're feeling better real soon. Have a blessed Easter with your family and I am glad you are enjoying my poetry, thank you for all your comments, they encourage me greatly. :)