Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where there's a will...

DH & I went yesterday to update our wills. Such a fun thing to do...sigh!

The reason that we needed to get this done other than the obivious is that DH will be heading off for an all expense paid trip to the sandbox here soon and they require that he have all his affairs in order. We figured that I should too just in case something happens to me while he's gone.

So we met with DH over at the Legal office after finding a parking space! Apparently there was an event going on in the next building and no one thought they were ever going to need that much parking! geepers! DH & I had to grab some of the only remaining spots in the parking lot across the street.

We go talk to our lawyer who talks us both into doing a lot more doccuments than we ever thought about, living wills and such...but it was all for the best.

I went in for some odd reason thinking that all of this was just to cover the few months that DH will be gone. Silly me! The lawyer had to remind me a few times that this is my will forever...until I need to update it. yoinks!

DH & I both with with the standard stuff...I get all his stuff, he gets all mine, etc... But then there's the "who gets the stuff if DH, I AND Darly all are gone?" hummm who does get it? So we had to figure that out. Turns out that legally if we hadn't made any specific request that the courts would go to our nearest blood relative...that would be our parents. Well I have one parent that I would rather not have any part of my estate...not that I expect this person to outlive me, but just in case. So we did find a way to legally exclude this person. Whew!

We filled out all the worksheets and then went to wait while the lawyer put our info into a will program I'm guessing cuz it only took about 15 minutes for her to have the final copies ready for us to look at. However, while we were waiting the receptionist brought over a form they had forgotten to have us fill out. This form basically says that it could be a conflict of interest for both of us to use the same lawyer to do our wills and knowing this we still choose to do this. LOL! Talk about shutting the barn door after the cows have escaped! Oh well, lucky for them DH & I aren't planning anything sinister and filled out their form.

Part of our paperwork was to get a living will and a medical power of attorney. The fun part was the organ donation part. DH doesn't believe in organ donation and I do. I figure, I'm dead...I don't need my organs anymore. If they're in good enough shape, let someone else have them and if they aren't let med students learn on them. DH is all creaped out by that is and really hoping that he goes first. But he also knows how I feel about burrial (I want to be cremated!) so that made him feel a bit better.

We're now all set...and hoping we don't need these for at least another 50 years.


  1. Good for you and your DH. Everyone should take the time to do a will...oh wait...that would include me. Since we have no kids to inherit our things, Hubby and I really need to think about what family members will get what and make it all legal.

  2. We just did this last week as well. Glad you are, too. Can't believe how many forms there were. 4 for Trent, 4 for me and 4 medical power of attorney things for Tyler in case he gets hurt and they can't get a hold of Trent or I. Who would have ever thought of all the different stuff!

  3. Although these things are a pain to do, so important to do. Especially because when crisis happen, it's just the worst thing not to have this stuff in order and discussed beforehand.

  4. You guys are on the ball! But I have to admit, what a depressing thing. :(

  5. Lawyer: Alright, you can eat, but machines do everything else.
    Elaine: I'd stick.
    Kramer: Yeah, yeah, stick. 'Cos I could still go to the coffee shop.

  6. Sorry to hear about that upcoming trip to the sandbox :(

    I'll cross my fingers that this will isn't necessary for at LEAST 50 years :)

  7. You've reminded me that my DH and I have been quite remiss. We have nothing written down...yikes! I guess it's time to contact our attorney...sigh.

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  9. We've been meaning to do this... not a nice thing to do but I see it as a kind gesture to the ones who outlive us! yes, I hope you don't need these for at least another 50 years!