Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend update 4/25-4/28

that's a long weekend! LOL! I've been meaning to check in here but things have been so crazy. Trying to get everything caught up around the house, toss in homeschooling coop and changing gyms and :p I'm beat!

Darly & I with some friends went to see Disney's Earth on Friday. It was very nice. Then we had lunch. fun day

Saturday we did loads of house stuff. DH went to turn on our water sprinkler system only to find that the pipe burst...again! It was the same pipe he had to replace last year. so he replaced that, then it was time to check the sprinkler heads...this year we lost 4.

Sunday we went to MIL's house and checked her sprinklers...she didn't loose any but she had someone "fix" her downspout and the "super intellegent" guy messed it up so it has a HUGE leak that directs the water flow right into MIL's basement! DH was out in the rain trying to figure out how he could fix that...it's going to take a total refit! DH is worried about his mom, it seems that of late she hasn't been making the best decisions.

Monday Darly & I went to a class on how to make trick photography with her digital camera. We then stopped by to check out a new gymnastics gym. The facility is really nice and now we need to have her evaluated to see what level this gym would put her in. When we came home I worked on the laundry and I was trying to get dinner ready and everyone fed so that I could be on the computer from 7:45 to 9:45 to work our homeschool co-op...well DH decided that he wanted to finish working on the sprinklers and he needed my help to turn on and off the sprinklers...meanwhile I was trying to do the laundry and fix dinner!

too much stress!

Today Darly & I went to a coop class on designing our own t-shirts... the folks have their own design transfer shop. they can put your logo on just about anything. It was all very cool and I had a shirt done too. I'll have to show you someday. ;)


  1. Apparently we got there right after you left. That was a really neat co-op. I wish I had a big hot press thing like that. I'd be making t-shirts all the time...

  2. Whew...you are one busy mom and wife! I guess living in snow country means sprinkler checking every spring. And I can't wait to hear if you are pleased when the new gym evaluates Darly. Hopefully it will be a great report!