Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Tonight Darly quit her gymnastics gym. She's actually very happy about it, and I'm mad that it came to this.

We had thought that once the hockey season was over that her coach would be at the gym and that Darly could just try very hard to get the skills she needed to be out of this class by the time the hockey season started back up. We were even going to take some private lessons too.

But then the gym finally decided to hire a new coach. One would think this is a good thing, but apparently Mr Coach wasn't ready to give up teaching two classes at once. Did I tell you about that? Right before I sent him the email he had decided to combine Darly's class with his higher level class. Darly hated that because she doesn't like Mr Coach's way of teaching...frankly I don't either. He belittles the girls.

So we have the new coach and Mr Coach teaching Darly's class and his class. We were assured that this situation was just temporary until the new coach got the hang of things, but it has been long enough in my opinion. While one would think that two coaches might be better than one, you would be wrong. Two coaches start chatting during class and don't ever watch their girls! At one point the girls were chatting too because the coaches hadn't noticed that they had finished the last skill. sigh

Darly spent most of the time she was in class tonight rolling her eyes at me and making chatty hand signals. She came and told me she was bored, I suggested that she just sit on the floor. The coaches seemed to notice that and had the girls move on to something else.

And then they were on the bars. New coach had the girls just swinging on the low bar. Mr Coach wanted the girls to stand on the low bar and hop to the high bar and grab it, then swing a few times before dropping to the floor. For most of the girls he was grabbing them and carrying them through the jump, but for Darly and one other girl he was having them make the jump themselves. I'm not sure what happened, but Darly missed the bar. She hit her hands very hard on the bar, they were red. He must have said something because Darly was near tears when her turn there was over.

I flagged her to come to me and asked "Are you done?" she nodded. I gave her a hug and we got her stuff to leave. I didn't say anything to the coach. There's a chance that one of the other girls in the class was able to tell them that Darly left with me, but Darly thinks that she didn't notice.

I didn't get a call from the gym so I would assume they figured it out.

Every time Darly did a skill tonight she wasn't observed. The new coach for some odd reason kept watching the girls that were with Mr Coach. I was just getting madder by the second. I considered leaving with Darly many times before I finally pulled her out. I'm just sorry I waited until Darly got hurt to do it.

so I'll call the new gym tomorrow about getting Darly in. She's now very excited to try the new place out. I really hope that she likes the new coach, I just wish I could have said something to our favorite coach at the old gym, but seeing as he knows the owners of the new gym very well...I'm thinking that we'll still be in touch.


  1. I'm sorry it came to this. Hopefully, Darly is feeling better

  2. it's a shame that she has to move, but it's probably for the best. hope she likes the new place!

  3. Sometimes a change is good. I mean, if Darly isn't having fun, then what's the point? Unless she's like Dorothy Hamill out there or something. Wait, wrong sport :)

  4. I hope this works out! Sorry it came down to this, but it's better for her to be happy in the long run.

  5. I'm sorry it came to that.... But, I have a feeling new opportunities will come at a new gym. In other words, it could be a good thing! Here's hoping!

    Monkey HATES her dance class. I watched the other day, and saw the body language, the lack of participation. We're going to try something else....