Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes new Décor Canisters – Review

I recently got the chance to try out the new Clorox Disinfecting Wipes in new Décor Canisters.

Here’s what the company wants you to know:

Combining both fashion and function, the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes new Décor canisters will make the days of hiding cleaning products under the sink a distant memory.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes new Décor canisters:

Come in eight unique color palettes to match any home décor
Feature a sleek new shape and wider mouth
Have a new effortless single sheet dispensing system
Has the same disinfecting power of their namesake wipes
Are fashionable enough to be left on the countertop
Available at retailers nationwide this month

Here’s what I think:

Oh this product couldn’t have come at a better time for me. When I first got my full sized sample I placed it in the bathroom thinking that was where it was needed most. And it did work awesome…I mean its Clorox wipes. But soon I realized that there was a place in the house that needed this canister much more and that was right here by my computer. See I caught a cold and I wanted to prevent everyone else in the family from getting it. Really tough normally, but with the wipes sitting right here by the computer, every time I needed to blow my nose I would grab a wipe afterward and wipe down my computer keyboard and mouse. I’ve had my cold for a week now and no one else in the house has picked up any of my germies! I’m so pleased. Having the wipes in a decorator canister just makes it nice to not have to look at a plastic tub… I picked a purple one of course!

And now you can try this out too! Clorox has given me 10 coupons to give away to my friends for a free décor canister of the wipes.

All you have to do to get one is, check out the website and tell me which color canister you would like and where you think you might put it.

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  1. I'm interested! :-) (Marsi) I like the tree branch looking one. Definitely could use it in the kitchen!

  2. Me too! Those canisters are so cute! Last week I saw them advertise. I keep hoping I'll get a coupon in the newspaper so I can go buy them, but no luck. The Clorox wipes are a live safer at my house.

  3. I want one! As a proud germophobe, I use disinfecting wipes like they're going out of style!

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  5. I'm totally interested! We use these in all the bathrooms and I'd love to have it out permanently rather than having to get it out all the time!

  6. Nifty! I would definitely like to try one, like Sara we have ours stashed under the sink, but I could really use one out in the office, too and there's no place to stash out there!

  7. I looked at these, but thought they might be a bit more expensive, and thus, hard to justify. However, with a free coupon, we'd probably get the one with the green leaves, as it matches the decor in our bathroom (where I use the normal clorox wipes all the time.)

    Those cherry trees, btw, are Japanese Yoshino cherries, and no, there aren't any actual cherries to come back and eat. :)

  8. I've always used the regular containers...and have hidden them under my sink. I really like the look of the tree branch one. (It would look good next to my computer)... Although they're all kinda cool : )

  9. Oooh, do you still have any?

    I would want the retro orange and yellow flowery one, because it looks like it is an awesome relic of the 70s...like me!

    I would put it in the main floor bath, where all the grossest stuff seems to happen...

  10. I tried to comment on this last week and it wouldn't take it :(

    If you can still give some away, I totally want one!!! I like the purple flowered one, and I'd put it on my kitchen counter.

  11. okay folks that's all I have! If I don't already have your mailing address, I'll be in touch! :D