Saturday, April 04, 2009

the updates...

DH flew to Vegas on Sunday

I caught a cold from somewhere...possibly from Ihop on Monday night.

Tuesday my dishwasher came, and Darly's new American Girl Doll (Chrissa) came. The dishwasher had to wait in the garage until DH came home.

Stayed at home for most of the rest of the week.

Thursday I colored my roots...they came out fine, no one has noticed.

Friday night DH made it home just fine before the big snow storm.

and today DH is trying to get the new dishwasher installed, but there was one part that he didn't keep from the old dishwasher (that we tossed into the trash last week!) so he has to go to the store and get that part...meanwhile the dishwasher carcas sits in the middle of the kitchen on it's back. :p

but it is pretty! oh and this one has extra soundproofing on it. I hope that works with two of the walls around it being out into the room. The dishwasher sits at the end of a counter peninsula. We'll see. Right now DH is avoiding the trip to the store by reading and complaining about how poorly the installation directions are written. I'll hide in here for now...he doesn't need me except to complain to. LOL!


  1. Lol love the llama bit to Miss Chrissa. :)

    Are you feeling all better now?

  2. You didn't get to go to Vegas. :(
    I'm happy your dishwasher was finally delivered. So is it up and running now????

  3. Wow, my week sounds a lot like yours.

    Except for the root coloring, the dishwasher, and the snowstorm.

  4. Thanks for the updates. Even though I just realized I'm 10 days behind on them so they are more than likely outdated again, lol.