Friday, January 26, 2007

Have Pitty on me!

Some how (or because NO ONE else would do it!) I ended up as the Troop Cookie Director for Darly's Girl Scout troop. So far it seems much to do about nothing as the cookie ordering system is pretty idiot proof... but I keep getting these emails full of doom about this process. I'm hoping that the process really is as easy as it appears to be and that everything goes smoothly. The yucky part is that I have to get up early tomorrow and take our order to the Unit Cookie Director (aka Mrs Crankypants).

Mrs Crankypants isn't at all happy that our first cookie director had to quit (Family emergency for petes sake!) She isn't happy that I did not attend the cookie training (duh, our first cookie director did since she thought she was doing the job.) She isn't happy that I live 20 minutes away and I refused to rush right over to her house to fill out the cookie director agreement. I asked politely for her to mail me the agreement, she refused. So I had to get a mom in the troop to drive to her house, find the form among a ton of other stuff she had in a folder on her porch and mail me the form. Then I signed the form and mailed it back. *sigh* Mrs Crankypants said that I also needed to bring proof of our Troop's bank account...proof that she's already seen from our first cookie director. :I need an eyeroll emocon here!:

So today I get to collect the order forms and enter them in the system. That looks easy enough. Just hope I get all the order forms (including the one that DH took to work as he sold about 3 cases of cookies.) Then print out the forms and deliver them to Mrs Crankypants tomorrow at 9am.

So you may not hear from me today. Sorry. I'll be back on Monday to tell you how it all went.

Update: #1
I got all the orders into the system quite easily. No worries at all except...

Before I reported to you that I had to get up early Saturday morning to go see Mrs Crankypants about turning in my order. Well I was wrong.

See Mrs Crankypants sent me an email that I got sometime this afternoon saying I needed to sign up for a time to see her...and the email also stated that she sent this same email to me last week...I never got it last week at all. The email had a list of all the times she has set up for taking the forms. She had 5 spots open. Two very early in the morning and the other 3 were after dinner. I emailed her back that I would like to choose from the first two spots. She did not respond until after 11pm this evening that those spots were not available anylonger...but she didn't bother telling me which spots were open.
Man I just don't understand why she's being so crabby. She certainly isn't following the Girl Scout Law. And because I'm just that kind of gal, the council is going to hear about this...along with my resignation as a Girl Scout least officially. This is SOOOOOO not worth my time and energy.

I'll keep you posted on how tomorrow goes...unless you see me on the news wanted for murder. ha ha just kidding. that isn't worth my time either.

Update #2:
I emailed crankypants that I would sign up for the last 3 spots since she didn't tell me which ones were open. And I also mentioned that I didn't get the first email and that yesterday was the very first chance I had to sign up for a time to do this.
Email from Crankypants this morning... I can have my first choice out of the remaining 3 time slots. small victory...
She said that the sign up for the meeting today was only available at the Cookie Training and that she didn't have the time to chase down troops who did not have a slot yet.

Hello? I think that she could have mentioned something in all the transition emails from the other leader to me. I had no idea until yesterday that I needed to do this.

She said that the other leader should have told me...remember the family crisis? I'm lucky that I got what I got. *sigh*

I really do like Girl Scouts and most of the work to provide this for our kids is not that big of a's just that every time our troop has had to deal with our Service Unit we run into a bunch of very cranky women. Yeah, we're all busy and volunteers here...but dropping the attitude and remembering that we are Girl Scouts goes a long way here folks!

Update #3:
Well the meeting with Mrs Crankypants went very well this evening. I had done all the paperwork correctly and I had all the permission slips. So I'm done with that part. She asked if any of the girls might sell another 100 boxes of cookies by Wednesday as they could get a prize if they did. I laughed and told her the only one who wants to sell that much is my kid (who is already past 200) because she wants the Dance Mat prize. She told me that her DD wants that too. I told her how I told my DD that we could just buy her one and she thought that was a great idea.

Funny thing... There was another troop Leader there with her two kids who was still filling out her paperwork. I don't think that she even had done her internet order yet. The poor kids were bored out of their minds and she finally finished when I was done. I wonder how that one went.


  1. Thanks for your hard work, Renee! Mrs. Crankypants better appreciate it.

    I blogged about Girl Scout cookies, too, sort of...

  2. "Cookie Director?"

    "Cookie Training?"

    Criminy! I didn't realize Thin Mints were such a tough business!

  3. No good deed goes unpunished.

  4. Goodness, I hope GG doesn't want to join the Girl Scouts when she get older! LOL!

    An Island Life

  5. She needs to be kicked out of the organization. I would hate to think that someone like her is spending time with my kid.

  6. I love Girl Scout Cookies. I am thankful for all the moms that put in their time so I can enjoy that yummy goodness.

    ps. Lillie kept her bows in 5 days. The longest time so far.

  7. Ugh...sounds like Mrs. Crankypants isn't happy with her responsibilities and is taking it out on everyone around her. Too bad because the girls lose in the end.

    Ya'll need to boot Mrs. Crankypants out! :P

  8. Do ya want me to put the bitey on Mrs. Crankypants? Sounds like she could use it.

    P.S. Hi Darly!

  9. I feel your frustration!!!!!!! I am currently a cadette girl scout leader (7th and 8th grade girls). I have been a leader, through default, since my dd was in second grade, ( both her leader and co-leader quit after she finished 1st grade...she's now in 7th grade). It never ceases to amaze me how difficult the Girl Scout organization makes it for those of us who volunteer (although I think that my council may have recently stream-lined the amount of training you need to be a leader... not that it does me any good...I've done ALL the required age-level training...not to mention the troop traveler and overnight training as well as the first-aid/cpr training every 1-3 years.) Although I usually get another mother to "volunteer" to be the cookie chair...I have sat through the cookie training when the other moms couldn't (you're right, what is with all the paper work?????). My dd and some of the other girls in my troop earned there bronze awards as juniors, and the troop is currently working on their silver award. Each year I ask my dd if she wants to quit (then I won't have to be the leader anymore)...and each year she says "No mommy (although, now it's "No,mom") I want to continue all the way through to my Gold Award." Let's see...she can start working on her Gold Award in 9th grade, I only 3-4 more years of selling cookies.....