Saturday, January 06, 2007

I should have taken some pictures!

Today I decided to go do some more shoveling because my back finally stopped hurting. (I never said I was smart!)

Our driveway and sidewalks were all cleared by DH... but from the end of the driveway to the path cut by the plows in the middle of our street is a good 15 feet that had about 4 inches on the top of a good 2 and a half inches of ice. So I decided that I would go tackle that.

It was a beautiful sunny I put on over my jeans & sweatshirt, one fleece jacket, snow pants and my stadium Parka from LLBean. Oh yeah, don't forget the mittens and ear headband thingy (my ears hate to be cold!) and I had my hat in my pocket...just in case.

I get out there and start shoveling off the snow. That went really well except for the shovel sticking on the ice in some parts. I get all the snow off and start working on the ice. The ice is stubborn and I'm shoving the snow shovel into it and trying to get the ice to break with the corner of the shovel. Finally after getting about 1/4 of it to move, I decide to try our square nose shovel that's for the garden and yard work. Oh yeah, I've already ditched my parka at this point.

I find that the ice is much easier to remove with the "new" shovel and start chipping away. I was able to get the shovel to wedge up under the ice and pick up huge plates of ice...I had to drop some to break them small enough to fit on the shovel. I debated on if I should remove the ice from the gutter or not because DH HATES the gutters (his parent's house has the gutter flattened out so there's no bump when you drive in and he hates that ours isn't exactally like his parent's house...there's many more issues there but that's a different show.) but I did end up taking the ice out of the gutter. I also ended up ditching my gloves and ear headband thingy.

It felt so empowering to break up the ice and be able to throw it out of the way. I could picture something that was making me mad and just hack away at the ice to get all my frustrations out. It was great. And I was proud of the job I did...until...

DH came home. He wasn't happy at all that I cleared out the ice because now the bump is back. (I need an eyeroll smiley here) Oh well, can't win them all.

I wish I had taken before and after pictures would have been proud of me too.

After I did all that work, Darly & I went out...just to be out! We went to Michaels and bought up some left over Christmas stuff that was 70% off. and then we went to Walmart to get some dishwasher detergent (hey Jen!) because we were totally out and some milk too...I also grabbed some cleaner and Salsa! and then we went to the library...bumped into our friends at Woodstone Prairie...they managed to get out too...but they have their own plow (course they need it too!) Then we headed home and WE HAD MAIL! That may not mean much to you but since the first blizzard hit our mail service has been hit or miss. If the airport was closed, no mail...if they can't get to the mailbox, no mail...if the roads haven't been plowed, no get the picture.

I got a card from my grandmother apologizing for it being late for my birthday. ha ha, she was probably expecting it to arrive yesterday or maybe on my birthday. I should call her.

My Mom called while I was out. She said that the unwrapped stuff wasn't for my was just some stuff she got me because it was a good deal and that I should have gotten another package. I had to explain the whole mail thing to her. I'll get the box Monday, I'm sure. But I teased her that it would be here in time for Valentines.

I'm tired now.


  1. Well, I feel tired for you after reading about all that shoveling! I am proud of you even without pics :) I guess I love snow because I don't have to deal with it on an everyday basis... I only have it on vacation and somebody else takes care of the entrance, steps, and so on. I just go out and enjoy it! It would be a different story if I had to shovel, I already feel my back! Off to do some laundry and blog-visiting in between, what else is to do right after a holiday??? have a great sunday !!!

  2. Boy, that's sure a lot of prep work to go out to shovel snow! I'd be tired from just doing that!

    An Island Life

  3. Phew! That does sound like a lot of hard work!!

    PS One of Paul's relative birthday is Christmas, and he got separate presents as well as a birthday cake. We opened Christmas presents first, then he had his birthday presents. So that's what you should tell your fam to do!

  4. Wow, you worked hard! I skipped the shovelling and just worked out ;)

    The moms for modesty--it's a small resolution, so it won't really work just enlarging it. I didn't find any larger logos...sorry! It is a great logo.

  5. Hi Renee! I hope it stops snowing in your area. Please put out some birdseed and warm water for the birds. There's nothing for them to eat or drink when everything is frozen over. Thanks!

  6. Sounds like you did a lot of shovelling today. Well, you did promise to shovel for comments :) We still have no snow. Whoohoo!

    Sounds like you got some great deals at Michael's. I love that store!!

  7. Hmm, shoveling snow, the latest in stress relief. By Renee.

    So tell us, what exactly were you thinking about while shoveling? :)

  8. got tired just reading it. i hate those curbs...

  9. I remember my days in Misawa Japan when I used to shovel out my car and The Missus' car. It's not bad as long as you're not hurting.

  10. While you were shoveling snow I was enjoying spring like temperatures, and I live in Baltimore, so it shoulda been effin' freezin'. Clearly, someone high above wants the Ravens to win through Festivus.

  11. you're STILL shoveling? This is why I want to move SOUTH - no snow. :)

  12. Yeah, the mail thing. Like, we didn't even get our mortgage statement until the payment was due. Several of our relatives have said, "Oh, we paid for 2-day delivery!" but we'd get the stuff a week or so late. Stuff like that. I've stopped checking. Hope the creditors understand. (Hah!)