Monday, January 08, 2007

No good deed goes unpunished...

any my city's public works department is a bunch of IDIOTS!

You may remember that the city sent out plows this afternoon and made more snow for me to shovel...

Well this evening when I returned from Darly's Gymnastic's class all my hard work was gone! and all the snow that was on either side of the street was now in a line down the middle of the street! The plows were back!

To get to my house, I had to drive up the court I live on...then make a u-turn at the top of the court and drive down the court back to my house...because there was a wall of snow in the middle of the street. I considered driving through the wall for about 1/8th of a second...but then I remembered all the chunks of ice that we've been shoveling and didn't want a dead car.

It appeared that the city had sent out the plows to remove the snow. So we sat down to a beep beep beep dinner and expected to see no more snow.


After dinner & dishes I looked out my front window to find that the snow had NOT been taken away...they had simply pushed it up into almost everybody's yards. I say almost because some of us are lucky enough to have retaining walls in our front yard (myself included) and they of course could not pile snow in my yard. But my neighbor, the single lady who hasn't had a chance to buy a snow shovel yet, has a 10 foot pile of snow in her front yard.

I don't know what the city was thinking. We were just fine without this! We were just fine without ANY plows coming through at all. I'm so sick of snow. I think that we may just have to complain about all of this to the city.


  1. Oh my gosh, you guys sure are getting walloped by nature, then to add insult to injury, the town. Good grief!

  2. we used to have snow ( last year) now we get just a dusting, but tourists still wreck their cars. hahahaa

  3. You poor thing! When will it ever end?

    An Island Life

  4. that always happens to me. I shovel out, then the plow piles me back in. :)

  5. I think you must have gotten everyone else's winter in addition to your own. We sure haven't had one.

    Ooo, I know! You could call and have twenty pizzas delivered to the city! That's always a good one.

  6. Good grief. Did those guys not see that they were doing more harm than good? Of course they're just doing what their bosses tell them what to do.

    And leaving piles of snow in the middle of the street is stupid, as is then piling it in front of the houses.

    I hope you get a dry, warm spell to melt some of that snow.

  7. Did they clip your mailbox while they were at it?

  8. You know, I think they did a better job plowing out here in the "boonies" then they did in town! We're outside of city limits... I wonder if someone different does our roads.

    RYC We like Handwriting Without Tears (cursive) Let me know if you'd ever like to take a look at it...

  9. Oh my, and here I am in the heat of our summer wishing I could have some of your snow...

  10. To keep snow away do the following...
    -buy 4 new snow tires
    -add more insulation
    -buy snow blower or hire a plow
    Well, it worked for us, it hasn't snowed more than an inch all season.

  11. Hi Renee - thanks for visiting the corner and giving me another minute. I'll look forward to reading your blog in the future. May I link you?

  12. Hey renee - I got a few inches of snow here. How did they miss you?

  13. I say you should ruin your car by driving over it and then use the insurance money to buy your own ginormous snow plow!

    This way, you can show them how to do it! :)

  14. When the plows move the snow up into our driveways and yards, that ALWAYS puts me over the edge. Sorry you have to deal with such horrid stuff. :(