Friday, January 12, 2007

today's rants.

My very good friend Kukka-Maria has a post that I think that everyone here will agree with. She is complaining about how retailers put up holiday decorations wayyyy too early. Go check her out and show your support for her boycott by leaving a comment.

and then there's this...

We've been having a problem with our garage door not working properly when it gets cold for at least the past two years...maybe longer (who can keep track of these things?)

Anyway, this year has been the worst. Before the garage door would not want to close when it was cold out. But this season it decided at first to not open for a few weeks and then decided to not open or close when it's cold out. (btw: you can get it to work, but you have to go push or pull the door while holding down the button.)

So I do a search on line for what might be the problem.

They say... pull the red handle and open & shut to door to make sure the problem is not the track.
We do's not the track.

One guy says then it must be the a garage door place.

Another guy says it might be the chain...especially if it hasn't been cleaned and regreased in a long time.
Ours hasn't been cleaned since we moved in in 2001!

DH Swears that it must be the spring...look around for a good garage door guy.

I ask "can we at least try the greasing? The second guy says that spraying it with WD40 is a quick fix." DH says "no, it's definately the spring!"

Today, I was really frustrated with the door because it wouldn't work up or down. So when I came home, I got the WD40 and the ladder. I sprayed down the entire chain.

Guess what is working just fine now?


  1. Thanks for the link! (And I'm honored to be considered your "very good friend.)

    As for the garage door? I think you should invoice yourself $100 for your labor.

    It only seems right...

  2. Hahah that's great! Good for you for figuring it out!

  3. heh. i love wd40. and a good "i was right, they were wrong" story.

  4. Wd40 and duct tape, indispensible.

    Really, you need your garage, your car could get snowed under.

  5. Anonymous8:09 AM

    lol, i completely agree with barbara! where would we be without either.

  6. Always try the cheapest fix first. Good job!

    (who can keep track of these things?)

    You crack me up. lol

  7. we have a garage door that misbehaves every now and again. how frustrating -- if that little button doesn't work it's such a hassle!!

  8. Our garage door does that very same thing; we thought it had to do with the light sensor frosting over or something. But WD40 sounds like a good thing to try-- thanks, Renee!

  9. Men aren't all that smart about "man things". LOL

  10. I'm with Barbara on the duct tape thing. You should see the things I've done with it. *get your mind out of the gutter* LOL!

    An Island Life

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  12. I hope you're doing okay in the snow belt!

  13. LOL!!! That's my life!!!

  14. My husband has repaired our garage door so many times it's not even funny.

    Here's a minute for you.

  15. Umm, hello?

    You OK?