Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Where did I go?

In case you're wondering what happened to me over the last few days... well I didn't go anywhere. I just haven't had anything blog worthy to put up here. You may have noticed me leaving a comment or two.

I caught some little virus a few days ago...I think that I nipped it in the bud with Zicam because it feels mostly over. But it did make me pretty tired for a few days.

Then I was doing Girl Scouts stuff... Darly is selling Girl Scout cookies right now and we're trying to send some over to My Brother in Afghanistan and our Neighbor who is in Iraq.

Then Saturday we went to Kidz Kulture and learned about Japanese Drums (they're really loud!) and Darly also had a make up Gymnastic's class because her usual class on Monday was canceled for New Year's Day.

Sunday we learned about Jesus' baptism and our own baptism at Sunday School and I signed us up for the next Homeschooling Coop session. Here are the classes we are taking:
Aesop's Fables at the Denver Puppet Theater
First Aid - that's a Girl Scout badge.
PE at Paradise Playground - the kids will run off some steam at an indoor playground.
Tropical Rain Forest
Solar System Class at the Museum of Nature & Science - could be a badge.
Button Manufacturing & museum - I didn't even know we had a button manufacturer in Denver!
IMAX double feature Dolphins & African the Serengeti
Rites of Passage - learning about different cultures way of celebrating events.
Irish Music & Dance - more culture!
Early Peoples, pottery of the Southwest
PE Ice Skating -not learning how to skate...just going skating.
Visit the Aquarium - I've lived here how long and we've never been...probably because it costs a fortune, but we're going at night as a group...discount!
Map Quest - map reading and compass use. I think that might be a Girl Scout patch.

Yesterday we went shopping for some winter wear and dress pants for Darly...didn't find much out there. Why don't little girl coats come down to cover their bottoms? She doesn't like sitting on cold.

And Darly had gymnastics again. This is her regular day. We talked on the way home and are going to try going twice a week for the next month to see if it fits in our life and if she likes it. I'm really hoping that her going more frequently will help her improve enough to go to the next level. Her current coach would "dumb down" the class every time a new girl joined it. I was getting pretty disappointed because Darly could do much more stuff but wasn't allowed because they had to do what the new girl could do. Then I was really disappointed when the coach came and talked to another girls mom about her moving up. Darly has been doing this for 3 years now and hasn't been able to move up yet. *sigh*

Today I went to help at Church. I usually answer the phones but today they had me putting their 2006 payables files together so they can get moved. I felt like a trained monkey...but someone needs to do it. Another lady who helps out says she thinks that they really need someone in the office full time. We have someone who works Wed-Fri...and now they have volunteers come in Mon & Tues (I'm one of them). I think a full time person would be really helpful for them, but our current secretary doesn't want to work full time. They would still need someone to come in and help them continue to reorganize their old files...as the new office manager has a different way of doing things than the old one.

Okay, that catches you up. tomorrow I am supposed to be getting some LLL Library books from a closed Group.

Thursday we are supposed to go see "Night At The Museum" and Friday is Presentation club...so I need to help Darly with her presentation. bye


  1. Japanese drums are really cool but they are really loud!!

    I hope are feeling 100% better soon!!

    Looks like you've been keeping yourself busy though!

  2. Hey Renee - You sound really busy. A couple of weekends ago when the guys were at a boyscout campout I went with a friend to her daughter's gymnastic competition. We stayed overnight in a hotel. It was fun, her daughter competes at level 4. She is 12 years old, but started late into gymnastics. She won second place overall for her agegroup and level.

    Wow - there sure is a bunch of stuff outside the home for those home schooled kids. I'm not sure you should be calling it home schooling. :)

    We saw Night at the Museum, it's pretty funny, a little thin on plot though.

  3. You am furry busy. Me too. I wunner if I could do 'nastics????

  4. You sound like a busy mom but isn't it all worth it.

  5. For someone who "just haven't had anything blog worthy to put up here", you sure were busy :)

  6. Let me know how "Night at the Museum" goes? We're thinking of seeing that, too!

  7. So... do you need more than a few minutes?

  8. So I care enough to help you work out.

  9. and what is SAHM? Don't complain or else I'll give you more! Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!

  10. I want my Agent to home-school me, but she says I'm already too much of a smart @ss.

    Isn't she sweet...

  11. Ooo, are we still doing "Will Exercise For Comments?"

    I had no idea.