Friday, October 12, 2007

BURRRRRR! & random thoughts

Well that cold front that the weather guy has been predicting for about 3 weeks has finally made it's apperance! I'm freezing my tuuckas off in my computer room here! Luckily Dh has switched the system over to the furnace...I wonder what that darned thermostat is set at???...okay it was at 73 and I left it alone and grabbed a fleece throw.

sometimes the thermostat resets itself at 68! Burr that's too cold for me! I know we'll pay for it when the gas bill comes, but that's the cost of living here. We need a house set at 73.

Course it would help if I went upstairs and put on a sweater...but I'm procrastinating on cleaning the rabbit cage and I don't want to add extra fur to my I'm wearing a t-shirt that I plan to toss into the wash when I'm done down there.

The bunny mess isn't too bad, but when I sweep up the fur flies and sticks to everything. Course I'll totally tick off the bunnies when I do this. While they like a clean cage, they don't like for anyone to mess with their stuff...they're very territorial. Silly Rabbits!

I also need to start my candle holders for our Girl Scout investiture next Friday. I'm hoping that I can take some of my left-over fire wood and drill holes in it. So I guess I had better get started on that in case it doesn't work and I need a plan B. I just had a plan B that will work pretty well I think. If I find some styrofoam (we have lots in the basement) and press the holes in it...I can paint it with tempra paints to look like wood. That would be much lighter too. Hummmm? LOL!


  1. Hmmm...cold weather. I don't know how cold it is where you are but here in L.A. it's supposed to be 71 today and Hubby is already complaining that it's too cold. He's playing in a golf tournament today and has decided to play in long pants rather than shorts. His philosophy is that if it's too cold to wear shorts then it's just too darn cold!!! Can you tell he's Southern California born and bred?!?!

  2. NE Ohio weather is horrendous. I admit it may not be as cold as Colorado, but it is quite unstable. Right now it's about 40 to 45 degrees, and next week it is suppose to reach into the mid 70s. People in this area are getting sick all of the time. Just this past Monday it was 88 degrees! I did enjoy my organic veggies though, in fact, it hasn't frosted here yet so I still have some growing (trying to grow at least). I have found how to enjoy veggies year around and build my immune system so that I don't get sick like everyone else around here. Look at my blog for tips (click here). Aloha Friday!

  3. Brrrrr! It finally got cold here too!!

  4. I hope you warm up. Burn some of yhat firewood. It's cold in here too.

  5. Definitely cold!!!

    Silly Rabbits!

    That made me laugh :-)

  6. The thing about being cold is that you and always wear another layer (even if you end up looking like the Goodyear blimp or Nanook from the North), but when it gets too hot...well there are only so many articles of clothing that can be removed.

  7. I've given you an award. Be sure to stop by and pick it up;~)

  8. My thermostat does that sometimes, too! Why is that?

    It's cold here, too. Dang cold.

    Do you need help with the candleholders?

  9. Its cold here too... but if we set the thermostat much higher then 63... we FRY in the basement! GRR!

    Oh and as for the candle holders... Styrofoam might work... depending on how many candles you need... I would be worried about the WEIGHT of the candles making the piece fall over if its too skinny... be sure to try that BEFORE you paint ;)