Friday, October 19, 2007

In case you were wondering

nope, no more progress has been made on the cleaning of my house. However, I am happy to report that the areas that were cleaned are still cleaned. YAY!

I think that I'll make a drawing of the downstairs and a list of what all needs to happen in a post and then update it as it gets done and link to it in each aditional post.

The reason for no further progress in the house cleaning is...
Tuesday: Sign Language class, play with friends at said class, gymnastics, drive Darly to sleepover.
Wednesday: was supposed to have the day to myself, but Darly called...she wasn't feeling well. So I go to get her, give her a Pepto and by the time we are home she is all better. Dh was home and did some "Honey Do" items for me and I went to the grocery store. Oh and I had some copies made for Friday.
Thursday: We went to the National Center for Atmospheric Research center in Boulder, CO. A very cool place! Then we went in search of a new purse for me...see purse saga below...and more gymnastics.

Today: Lilly went to the Groomer. I stopped by Church to pick up a key and stayed to help with bulletins and now I'm blogging but will be putting the finishing touches on our Girl Scout Investiture Ceremony for this evening.

Tomorrow: My BIL is in town (DH's brother) so we will probably spend some quality time over at MIL's house...DH & BIL will be installing a roof/gutter snow melt system to help keep snow from backing up into MIL's house and leaking. I expect this procedure to take about 5 times as long as the box says it should. Why?
1) DH is a perfectionist and second guesses himself so it normally takes him 3 times as long to do anything.
2) DH & BIL will spend a lot of the time bickering about the correct way to do it.

So we'll be at MIL's house all day. I don't know if that will be all day Sat or Sun at this point.

Oh yeah, I need to run back to the Church on Sat morning to unload the dishwasher from our ceremony on Friday night.

But it looks like I can work on the house again on Monday. So maybe I can work on a bit each Monday or each week until D-Day.

I'm not sure when D-Day is yet. LOL! My brother called me last night to confirm that I was okay with Mom staying here for the entire time... (aprox Nov 19 through Jan 7). I laughed and said that yes it was okay. I told him that I made plans with my friends for hiding at their homes if I need to escape from "mother overload." LOL! It will be will be okay...

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  1. I made plans with my friends for hiding at their homes if I need to escape from "mother overload."

    EXCELLENT idea! :-D