Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Comment fest!

Well this post didn't pull as much traffic as my Sleeping Around post that I can't find now, but you sure had lots to say about it.

Lynn said...
I can't believe that you have moved so much. The longest I have ever lived in one place (so far) is during my 'wonderbread years' ages birth through twelve. I remember when I was in college, and was able to fit all of my belongings into my car. Now I couldn't even fit all of the junk in my closet into my car. sigh lol

When I got married everything I owned fit into two suitcases and a box. Now our 2500 sq ft house has a hard time holding all of it! We kept our belongings smaller in the beginning because we didn't want them lost or broken...but now that we're not moving so much we've kinda gone crazy!

Joan said...
That's an incredible timeline of moving...I can't imagine what it must have been like to be so mobile during your formative years. To have survived such turmoil and instability is a testament to your resourcefulness and strength.

I think that kids in general are pretty good at adapting to what's going on. I know that Darly was REALLY mad when the packers came to get her (ours too of course, but her's was the only stuff that mattered) stuff when we moved from Korea. But she's fine now. Of course if we decided to move now that we've been here for so long she would throw a really good fit. But she would get over it.

Jen said...
I'm seriously considering burning my house down and starting over. It was so nice being in the camper, because it was easy to keep clean and it wasn't cluttered up.

It does need a little more seating, though. I need a space with at least once seat (not counting beds) for everyone... Oh, and some craft supply storage.

LOL! Sometimes I would like to do that too. Coming back can be overwhelming. The sad thing is when I first went camping we had our little tent and a few things and were just fine...had a great time. Now I've got so much camping stuff that it seems like I'm moving the entire house and I wanna look into getting one of those trailers like Cheryl had for camping. LOL! Welcome home.

TC said...
the story goes that my aunt was all whiney about not having a daughter so my mom says you can have this one.

Seriously????????? No way. Wow.

I lived in my parents house from just over a year until I went to college. Then since then, I've moved over 20 times. I'm kind of sick of moving.

I found out later in life that my parents tried on a few occasions to get someone else in thier families to take of us. It seems that the longest they could get anyone to take us was about 6 months. And we weren't bad kids...honest!

Bone said...
I made some stupid decisions and got kicked out on my own.

Was that when you buzzed those Jehovah's witnesses into the building and they couldn't get them out?

I swear that guy said he was here to deliver a pizza to the party in 2B! How was I supposed to know he was lying???

followed idiot boyfriend

I wonder how many girls have thought that about me. LOL

I'm sure that none of them thought that Bone....*snicker*

I think the longest I've lived anywhere was in my first apartment when I moved out of my parents house. I live there for eight or nine years, I think.

Wow! On your own for that long in one place. That's kinda unusual. Although both of my BIL's had a place on their own for that long. I guess I'm just so used to my nomadic life that hearing things like that just seems unusual.

Kailani said...
I can't imagine having to move that many times. For me I think it's only been maybe 5 and even then it was such a hassle. You don't realize how much stuff you accumulate until you have to pack it all up!

Yeah, every time we had to move we always swore that we would get rid of the old junk...but you should see how many boxes of junk are in our basement...not even opened!

Barbara said...
I hope you get to put down deeper roots. Good luck staying where you are.

I don't think that we're going anywhere for a while. Dh was complaining about the gutter we had replaced a few weeks ago...it wasn't done the way he wanted it. So he was torn between calling the guy to come fix it or just leaving it and hoping we sell this place before it goes bad again.

Nicole said...
That's a lot of moving for one person. The max I have ever lived in one dwelling is 4 years. Hopefully, this year I will beat that by living in our current house for 5 years. Whoohoo. I love growing roots.

I like staying put and painting my walls too!

Heather said...
LOL I like to move too... I just like redecorating ;) BUT I am not ready to move in the next 5 years... I want to stay put... even if I have to buy this house ;)

do you REALLY want to buy that house? I mean it works but it's not really ideal for you & the fam. Course if you wanted to buy, you would want perfect...right?


  1. Everytime you turn you comments into a post, I sit and wonder how you do it...do you copy the comments and then paste them into a word document? Or is there some other technique that I haven't figured out yet?

  2. Yup you are right... BUT if he wants to build a dining room on to the back... I might really be into it... I REALLY dont want to move again... EVER!

    LOL I tried to log in just now... with NEFFER_AGAIN LoL

  3. Interesting way of replying to comments, Renee, vey clever!!