Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Darly Funny & update

Last night I was working on the details for a pizza party for our Girl Scout troop. And since I've heard that you can get really good tasting pizza really cheap at our local warehouse clubs, I was working how I was going to do that without a club membership. LOL!

Anyway, Darly buts into my conversation & thoughts to add her 2 cents.

she says "I don't think I want bulky pizza."

and I wasn't thinking on the same page as her, so I say "HUH?"

Darly says: "the pizza is from the bulk warehouse, so it will be a bulky pizza...right?" Then she starts giggling at her joke.

Now I get it!

I mention about how I worry that having the kids eat all this pizza before they go play might not be a good idea.

And Darly says "a kid bounces off the rock wall and UFF DA!" :p

and in other news, I got a call from the PetSmart owner today. He appologized for the problem. He agreed with me that what happened should never happen. In this day and age of economy problems he cannot afford to loose any of his Pet Parents. So he kept asking what he could do for me, so that I would give him another chance.

I told him the biggest problem was that the shelf wasn't stocked. And he totally agreed with me and started to say something about there could have been stock in the back, but then switched to that I never got the chance to ask. EXACTLY!

I'll definately be shopping there still as there aren't any other stores nearby that carry the rabbit food I use. I really like their grooming salon too. But I did tell him that I went online to order my supplies this time. He asked me to ask for him the next time we are in so he can make it up to me in person.


  1. Darly said "uff da?" I LOVE that kid!!!! :-D

  2. Darly is adorable, good sense of humor! :)

  3. I've got a Sam's membership and go there pretty often. If you want to get your pizzas at Sam's we can go together to get them. (They are about $8.-$9. each and are pretty good.)

    You might also call Dominos. When I led the support group they gave us a "school" discount of $5. per pizza for pepperoni, I think cheese was just $4. It might worth a call to see if you could get that discount...

    BTW, I agree with you 100% about S's foster parents. I'm angry and disgusted with the way she's been treated (the situation was bordered on verbal and emotional abuse lately). Unfortunately, foster mom sometimes reads my blog, and I'm trying to keep the lines of communication open so I'm very careful what I post there about things. Because of that I edited out one sentence of your comment... You are right, and I agree with you, but if foster mom reads that comment it might cause problems. I hope you understand and don't mind...

  4. "bulky pizza" that's pretty funny.

    Our Sam's has the best pizza. Also, it's suprisingly cheap. Good luck on your mission. You sound like a great Girl Scoot Leader!