Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Co-op time

My homeschooling group does this really cool thing we call a co-op. It's where everyone who wants to be in the co-op has to offer a class. This can be a class they teach themselves or they can arrange for a field trip or some other kind of way for the kids to learn something. And then in exchange for offering a class you then get to take as many of the other classes that are offered.

Here's what we have so far...

Talk by Lightning Telegraph -learn morse code and make a telegraph
Tricky Pics - trick digital photography
Geology Rocks! - learn about rocks
Childbirth - tour a maternity ward and learn about childbirth from posters
NCAR - National Center for Atmospheric Research
JungleQuest - an indoor playplace
Make a Plate
Ecosystem Adventure - learn about ecosystems
Simple Puppets - make puppets
Take the bus/train - this was suggested because of gas prices
Indiana (Jones) University - more than just watching the movie
Platte river hike
Morrison Natural History Museum
Sew Simple - learning how to sew by hand
Intermediate art
Primary art
Phonics Phun
Tour Red Rocks
Nature Notebooks and Walk
Speed – A skip counting math game
Chatfield State Park – Guided Nature Walk
Highlands Ranch Days
Snowmaking - her DH sells snowmakers and will teach the class.

and I've had about 2 more classes come in while I'm typing this. We're going to be very busy!

Oh and Darly wants to teach a class too. She's gonna help with the class I'm teaching, but she wants her own class too. However, she hasn't yet come up with a topic to teach...she wanted me to come up with the topic. LOL! I thought that I had come up with a topic she could teach. Perhaps I should step asside and give her my class?


  1. Wait... which one are you teaching?

    And um, I want to sign up for some of these!!!! If I offer to teach a class can I do that? :)

  2. Sounds like fun :) I want to take some of the classes too!!

  3. ok, Mommy wants to take a lot of those classes. Can you home school her?

  4. Yea what class will you be teaching? I think learning morse code sounds kind of cool. I mean, I don't know when I would use it, but it'd be cool to say "yea, I know morse code."

  5. So far I'm teaching with Darly's help the Sew Simple class. I'm going to teach about 4 hand stitches and have the kids make a hand puppet.

    Darly still hasn't come up with something that she can teach.

  6. Yes, I think you deserve a break!

  7. It sounds like you guys are going to have a busy fall! Lots of good classes this time...

    I hope Darly comes up with a class to teach... It's amazing how grown up the kids are getting, isn't it?

  8. oooh. I want to learn morse code!

  9. Did you post about this last year, too? I think I remember it. Maybe I've been reading too long :)

  10. TC: I'm teaching the sewing class & Darly will be helping. We would love to have you come out & teach too.

    Goofy Girl & Meezers: that's why I love this homeschooling thing. I get to learn so many cool things too. Tomorrow Darly & I will be doing cake decorating! YUM!

    OK Chick & Carmen: The Morse code one sounds really cool to us too. Darly has read about Morse code and likes to tap out messages on the table. We'll probably do that one.

    Maura: Yes she is growing up so very fast! We better not blink.

    Bone: I've posted about it before and we do this 3 times per chances are really good that you've seen it before. I don't remember if I posted a list last coop or not...I probably did.

  11. I would like to join you guys in morse code class. HA! You'll have to blog about the class and give us tips.
    Has Darly come up with a class to teach?

  12. Have you ever disclosed where the name Lillyput came from? I think that would make for fascinating blog material.