Friday, August 15, 2008


today was the big Girl Scout Pizza party and things went pretty well considering...

considering that even though we had called and placed the order the day before to be ready at noon, called back at 11am to confirm that the order was still there and would be ready at noon...the pizzas were in the oven at noon! :roll eyes!: They're darned lucky that I wasn't in the store to pick up the pizzas or someone would have had very red ears from all my chewing on them. GRRR!

But anyway we got our pizzas at 12:15 and were on our way to the party. We get to the party and just as we are walking in with all the food and party the guy decides that NOW he will go and clean the party room! Such intelegent people we have in charge of everything, huh? *sigh* I decided to set my 2.5gal of cold water down on one of their chairs while we waited. LOL! I hope someone got a very cold bottom.

But once we got in, the party went very well. We had plenty of pizza, the pizza gal had even cut the pies into extra slices for us, so my pizza cutter was not necessary. The kids enjoyed filling their own water cups...just like I knew they would. And to make it even more peachy for us, we were allowed to leave our belongings in the party room while the kids played. YAY!

Now for the DOH! part.

Darly comes up to me near the end of their playtime and beggs for her bestest buddy "I" to come with us to spend the night. I start racking my brain for anything that might prevent this from happening. Actually I wasn't at all against it. And not remembering anything, I said that yes she could stay over...and I's mom was right next to me and said yes too.

So we start driving home from the party with "I" in the car and then the "DOH!" moment happens... :my eyes are rolling as I'm typing here: I remembered that tonight is TNO and I had said that I would go. "OH SHOOT!"

So I the following emails between me & DH happen:

Subject: remember how good I was yesterday?

well today I think I may have just errased that.

Darly came up to me at Jungle Quest and BEGGED for "I" to come and stay
over. I thought about it and not remembering anything said that she could.

I totally forgot that tonight is TNO. I'm such a goof!

I know you had planned to get the free chicken strips at Chic-fil-a.
However, the good news is that we got another coupon for them in today's
mail. So there are enough coupons for all 3 of you to have the strips.

Or if you would rather, I can just make dinner before I leave. (if my
kitchen pass is still good?)

Love you!

He writes back:

YOU!!! I think you can only use one coupon at a time. Does "I" like
chicken stips? Plus we need to save one for our anniversary. Unless the
Rockies get 7 runs on the 21st of August.... Then we can all get the
runs.... :-)


Me back:
nope the coupon says "one coupon per person" you can use all 3 at once if you have both girls with you. they let me use multiple coupons when I had Niece H stay with us.

and if the Rockies don't score 7 runs on the 21st, we can always have Steak
& Ale. ;)

love you

Him back again:
Steak & Ale went backrupt! Maybe we can do DQ if the Rockies don't get 7

Me back again: (are you having fun yet?)
Ah Nuts! Steak & Ale even pulled their website. bummer

Ooooh wait! We've got that coin for Trapper's Steak House that we could
us...I could get Darly a return sleepover at I's.

oh is there any way for you to bring home some 9volt batteries on your way?

The smoke detector in the sewing room decided it needs a fresh one. :p


and him:
WOW are you asking a lot... I thought we still have some new ones.

and me:
never mind, I found just letting it warm back up before I install it.

and him:
Warm back up??? Did you have it in the freezer? lol

and finally me:
nah, I just put it outside again.

ooh, I better get the directions to TNO!

UPDATE: Yes, I got to go to TNO. YES DH took the girls out to dinner at Chick-fil-a and the girl at the counter would have given them as many free chicken strips as they could eat!...without the coupon. Turns out DH & Darly didn't care for them, but "I" thought they were okay and ate 3. They shared some waffle fries too. Since I've been home we haven't heard much more than a small noise out of them. I hope we can all go to bed soon.


  1. Sounds good for the pizza party :)

    Cute email convo!

  2. I am with TC:
    I am craving pizza right now...

  3. I have an award for you on my blog. Go grab it and see what I said about your blog.

  4. mmm. you had me at pizza! :)