Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tennis Anyone?

On Tuesday Darly got to try a tennis class for kids. The place we went to is indoors and they have everything in kids' size. The net is lower, the court is smaller and the of course have kids' size raquets.

Darly was the oldest kid in the fact she was the only child who was near her age at all...the rest of the kids who showed up (there were about 5 who didn't come) were all around 4 years old. I know that you're thinking "Poor Darly" but it wasn't so bad for her. The coach did really well at switching between the kids to match their skill level and even then, Darly did awesome!

Darly now wants more tennis lessons. (of course!) LOL! However, I brought home the brochure for the place and DH choked on the prices! He said that he would teach her how to play tennis.

So we got Darly a child sized raquet. We gathered up DH's box of tennis balls and headed over to the tennis courts in our subdivision.

When we got there we were in for a shock! The gates (that have never been locked like they were supposed to be on previous visits) were locked! So instead of using the tennis courts, we decided to play in the parking lot. Which worked pretty well, except our tennis balls aren't quite so yellow anymore...seems they had just resurfaced the lot. oops!

Dh was throwing balls to Darly for her to hit back, and I was behind Darly to get the balls she missed or that DH would throw to me to keep me on my toes. He seemed to think that I needed a work out because he was making it hard on me. I actually got sweatty :p

So today I called up our homeowners' assn to find out about getting the key. They charge $10 for the key. :o and the lady said that if we decide to sell our house we can give the key to the new owners and have them pay us the $10 back. WHAT??? Yeah, like THAT will EVER HAPPEN!!! What a CROCK! Whatever... Oh, I didn't tell DH that it would cost us $10.

So later DH emails me... "Did you call about the key for the tennis courts?"
Me: "Yes dear and I have it."
DH: "Wow! You're good!"
Me: "Yeah, but I don't like to brag."


  1. Tennis is great for excercise! My Dad has been playing since he was a child. He tried to get me and my sis to play but it was just too much running around for me.

  2. Tennis is a great sport. I played all through high school. I still play every so often. You can always find someone that knows how to play tennis. I'm thinking about joining a league in the fall.

  3. I wonder if DH would still think you were so good if he knew you had to pay for that key ;-)

    Hope Darly likes tennis. Other than on rickety courts for a two-week unit in gym in high school, I have never played.

  4. I think it totally appropriate that you withheld that little bit of info about the $10 from DH. There are just some things husbands don't need to me.

  5. Darly! You're playing children?!?!

    Also, I'll be looking for your new book, Keeping Him In The Dark, by Renee :)