Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We're home early!

We woke up (or in my case, got up from not being allowed to sleep) this morning to the news that a very large thunderstorm would be rolling through our campground area and it would last pretty much all day.  So figuring that:
1) Darly's buddy was going to go home and wouldn't be there for playing
2) rain means cold...and I don't like cold
3) rain makes it really hard to prepair food when you're camping (you can't make a fire in your tent or use your cookstove either!!!) and when you're cold, cold food is no fun
4) no smores in the rain! (I guess that goes with food too!)
5) Idiot campground host hadn't checked the "bathrooms" since Sunday morning at 7am and they were all out of toilet paper! (BTW: "bathrooms" were really outhouses)
6) previous night I was up every 2 hours or so because a small child in the campground kept kicking off her blankets and crying cuz she was cold. 

we decided to cut our trip short by a day.  And not too long ago I received a text from Jen...Holy Chit! It's raining hard & does not appear it will let up anytime soon.  It's worse than the rain @ Guanella that time. IDK how the tenties will last :-(  Jen is in a pop-up, so at least she has some sturdy housing to hold up for the night.  The rain here was pretty dramatic...I never did go check my garden cuz it started raining about 5 minutes after we got home.

The camping trip was nice.  I had a good time for most of it.  I've got pictures on my camera...but seeing as I just got home today, I'll save the pictures for when I'm not so tired.

I can tell you that we got to the campground and picked a spot for the tent...moved a bunch of rocks and settled...then after getting the tent set up, found a spot where all the rocks were already moved.  :eyeroll:  So if I ever go back and get that spot, I'll know where the tent spot is.  It looked comfy.  The only problem with that spot was that it was pretty far from the fire ring.  I usually put Lilly's tie out so that she can reach the tent and the fire ring from it...which makes for fun with the table, but anyway.  So this spot she wouldn't have been happy with cuz I would have spent a lot of time too far from her.

I should go sleep.
nite...at 9pm


  1. welcome back, early.

    If you can't have s'mores, what's the point? But then, I only camp in Hiltons and Sheratons, so what do I know? :)

  2. I wouldn't be about the rain either...good call. It sounds like a nice time. Next year you'll have the perfect tent spot. :)
    I'm happy you made it back safely.

  3. Sorry to hear that you had to come back early, but calling it quits thanks to the rain was a totally good call :)

  4. Welcome back - sorry things got cut short but it sounds like it was for the best - yuck on the rain!

  5. Welcome back!!

  6. i'm with carmen---it can't officially be classified as camping if smores weren't involved. :) sorry you guys got rained out. bummer.