Monday, March 05, 2007

Conversation with the child...

Darly: Why cant I have a blog? Drunken cats have a blog! (thanks KUKKA!)... I wonder if drunken cats like dunkin doughnuts? he he he

She likes to be blog fodder lately

follow up: DH & I really can not see any good that can come of Darly getting her own blog. Not that we see that blogging is bad (of course I'm not saying that) it's just that there are too many weirdos out there and I have no idea what kind of things she would post and what they would attract. She is more than welcome to guest blog on my blog any time she wishes, I like the creative outlet it gives...I just want to be able to keep an eye on it for her.

And Darly & I both know that Kukka isn't really drunk...she just plays that on her blog. I don't allow Darly to read Kukka's blog most of the time, but we both thought that the picture of her "being drunk" was very cute. She didn't see the post that went with it.


  1. When I was little, I was asking my parents if I could have a puppy or some Legos. Now kids are asking if they can have their own blogs.

    Boy, how times have changed :)

  2. Sorry. :(

    Tell her I didn't have blog when I was a kitten! Nor was I drunk then! ;)

  3. Makes me wonder if they have bloggie groups that are safe for kids. It certainly seems like a good idea, I just don't know how it could be made safe. Maybe a monitor, not sure.

  4. LOL

    Exactly what Bone said. And okay, so I wanted a different Cabbage Patch doll too, but still. Seriously. Blogs and cell phones vs. legos and puppies.

  5. I think Darly should have a blog. It would keep respectability in the blogosphere.

  6. I completely understand your concern. Twelve wants a blog and I just don't think that she needs one. (I also worry who might be out there.) I realize that a journal/diary just doesn't provide the feedback that blogging provides, otherwise we'd all be journaling instead...but it might be a good place to start.

  7. Kukka is PG-13! Ha ha.

    In defense of Darly, she doesn't have to post her own picture, so the weirdos don't know what she looks like. And she could not be allowed to post any really personal info. But then, I would be the strictest parent ever and wouldn't let her out of the house, so what am I talking about?

  8. No blogs for children. No blogs for teenagers. No blogs for tweens. They just don't understand how many crazy people there are out there...

  9. Yea I was wondering the same as Nicole - they must have some kind of blogging things for kids.

    I know you can password protect things in blogger, perhaps that's the way to go.

    I agree though, too many weirdos out there!!

  10. There is an impressive commercial on German television where many weirdos just come in the house to visit a little girl and the mom opens the door to them... With the slogan: you would protect your child from these people in real life, don't let them in through internet.
    It's a difficult issue. But like some have said here there must be a "safe" place for kids...make sure you can make sure the participants are indeed kids...

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  12. Please let Darly know I look forward to reading her guest entries on your blog.

  13. I'll have the jet pick you up. Will Saturday morning do? We'll catch Celine with her "morning face." Mhahahahaha!

  14. It's the same as keeping a diary, right? Because it's public, can you have final say over what gets posted?