Sunday, November 11, 2007

Brother emailed me back....ACK ACK ACK!

Goofy Girl said...
Oh wow, 7 days?!! I hope you get it all figured out!

Kailani said...
Those 7 days are going to fly by! However, if he didn't get those tickets by now, he's going to pay A LOT for them!

Lynn said...
Seven days....yikes is right. Is your brother always this 'relaxed' about reservations and planning?

TC said...
Wait... time out. She's due in a week and doesn't have a ticket yet??????

Okay I think I can cover all these comments right here. My brother emailed me back. Here's how the emails went...

November 1, 2007
Subject: Re: Mom & "Step-dad"

Hey Bro,
Do you have the dates for Mom & "Step-dad"'s visit?


No. It's hard to get free flights around the holidays. I'm still working on it though. Bro

November 11, 2007 5:21:20 PM
Subject: Re: Mom & "Step-dad"

Any progress? Just wondering if I need to hurry up and clean my house or not. 'cuz my countdown ticker says they're due here in 7 days...ACK! I shudda cleaned it last week...we weren't busy then.


Yeah, they are coming. I was cleaning all day. :)

Now you know as much as I know...

I still don't know for sure if they'll be here on the 19th (which by the way I have a Cookie Exchange party to go to that night!) I still don't know what time they're ariving and I still don't know for sure how long they're staying with my brother. And they're supposed to be getting married (finally after living together for the past 14 years) while they are here and I don't know if that's been planned at all either.

And YES, my brother is normally this much of a pain in the butt! I'm a planner and stress out about every little detail (remember me getting all freaked out about not getting an Excel spreadsheet with a time chart for the wedding??? LOL!) But he just doesn't let anything bother him. Luckily his wife is a little bit more like me about these kind of I'm gonna email her to try to get some details, cuz I'm sure she's stressed...poor thing! SIL's also pregnant.


  1. Wow, I am stressed right along with you. The not knowing the details would make me absolutely nuts! Hopefully SIL will be more forthcoming with the details.

  2. I would be going nuts too! I need to know exact dates and numbers in order to function well...
    Good luck, Renee, but I am sure you'll do just wonderful :)

  3. Since I'm a natural fretter, not having the details would certainly make me nuts. Breathe deeply and then call your SIL for more information. And I'm sure, whenever your mom and "step-dad" arrive, you'll have everything in me.

  4. Oops...I forgot to mention that I've left you a little "assignment" when you have some time. I promise it's easy and takes very little time. Have fun.

  5. I think I would have taken all planning responsibilities out of his hands a long time ago :)