Friday, November 16, 2007

There was a wedding!

Yes, My mom finally married my stepdad after living with him for 14 years. She aways said that she would never get married again...but a little thing like insurance paying for her medical bills made her change her mind. LOL! It's like they've been married forever already...this was just making it official.

The wedding itself was very nice. DH & I were both very impressed with the judge who preformed the ceremony...although we both stressed to Darly that a Church wedding is much better. Darly exclaimed "that had to be the shortest wedding ever!" LOL! She's been to TWO weddings in her entire life now...which is TWO more than I had been to at her age. I think that I had gone to two before I got married. Oops make that 3.

We took the happy couple out to dinner at a "fancy smancy" place...meaning extremely SLOW service and high prices. But the food was good. SIL said after she ate that she should have just ordered a spinach salad & the creme brule. LOL! She couldn't finish her dinner. DH & I shared and we were the only ones with out extra food on our plate...but Brother did a very good job of trying to finish his.

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Jennifer said...
My head is spinning...but I don't think it's the vertigo this time...I think it's the amazement over the craziness at your house! Wow!!!
I hope you get to be the matron of honor,'s only fair, as hard as you're slaving!

well I got to sign the wedding certificate. I guess that counts, huh? LOL! Standing behind the judge felt better.

LadyBugCrossing said...
Wow! A wedding, Thanksgiving, and your mom for a month - I think this gives you a free pass into heaven!!

Probably not, but I think it gets me brownie points somewhere!

Lynn said...
How wonderful this whirlwind sounds. At least it is a happy occasion...right? Good job on the cleaning up. I am envious.

I still need to finish the kitchen and then touch up everything again before she stays with us...but we're doing well. And it was very happy.

TC said...
Can't wait to hear if there was indeed a wedding, and if so, how it went! :)

Is your whole family this spontaneous?

Actually NO we are not that spontaneous. My mom was shaking like a leaf and I don't know if that was nerves, her meds, or something else. My stepdad kept teasing that he was leaving, but we made sure he made it there! LOL!

Heather said...
Congratulations Mom! You should be watching a wedding soon :)

Glad everything is going smooooothly ;)

Everything went really well. On the way to the courthouse DH was driving beside me. He said that he had been trying to wave at me for about a mile before I noticed him...but yeah, I was paying attention to the cop that was in my lane. but I made the silly mistake of following DH to the courthouse...we didn't get lost, but did make a bit of a trip out of it. Then SIL calls me to see where we are and let me know where to find them...which I really didn't need since the security guard told us where to go.

Oh and get this...the Judge that married them was named "DH's first name for his first name And Stepdad's first name for his last name!" We're taking this as a good sign.

Mom seems to be tolerating our air very well. She got really winded trying to change her socks to knee highs, but she never took her air out, so I'm thinking that's a good thing. She also insisted on going for a smoke...bah! But Brother laid down the law...he said that if she wanted to smoke that she could not do it where my nephew could see her. So she went for a walk. I don't think I can tell her the same since we live on a hill. If she were to go for a walk she might not make it back up. LOL! Oh well, I've gotta come up with something though. She's gotta give this up!


  1. Please extend my heartfelt congratulations to the happy couple and to you for surviving it all! And as someone who got married in Las Vegas by a justice of the peace, tell Darly for me that a church wedding is certainly more fun.

  2. How wonderful! Since you live on a might just force your mom to quit smoking, if she has to 'disappear' from Darly's site.

  3. WOO HOOO!!! concatulations to your mommy and step-dad!!

  4. Congrats on the new/old stepdad! :)

  5. I missed the wedding? Boy, things sure happen fast around your house! Congratulations to everyone!

    An Island Life

  6. Congrats to the newly-wed :)
    You have definitely earned many brownie points!
    The hill should be a great chance for your mom to give up smoking...

  7. Well, since Davin and I got married so we could get better financial aid, the insurance thing sounds like perfectly good reasoning to me!