Saturday, November 03, 2007

okay, you know it's bad when...

you have to look at your calendar to see just what you've been up to all week. LOL!

I don't remember what I did last Monday, but seeing as there's a blog post, I must have posted that. LOL!

Tuesday we went to the Littleton History Museum. Sorry they have a really lousy website. But it's a fun place to visit. And apparently if you want to actually see folks as reinactors you have to go early in the day because for the first time we saw someone in the school house and the kids got (a very watered down version of) a lesson and we also got to see the blacksmith working on making a hook (they sell these in the gift shop) and someone was beginning to prepair the noon meal in the 1903 farmhouse. I didn't think she had begun nearly early enough though...I guess they weren't really having a 1903 meal. All we saw her do was add wood to the fire and add water to a pot of shucked corn, that was sitting there earlier. Oh well, glad I was having Quiznos for lunch!

Wednesday was our Homeschooling Group's Halloween party. Since I'm on the board of directors, it's my job to help put on the party. This year we decided to just have games & snacks. Lots of people brought in lots of yummy snacks and many of us went home with almost all of what we brought in. The games were really fun for the kiddos, although Darly got really disappointed that it took close to 10 numbers before I called one that was on her bingo card. Next year instead of yelling my head off to be heard for bingo, we're going to make use of the dry erase board.

One of Darly's friends is a fraternal twin (I'm gonna call her TG). TG just isn't interested in doing all the fun things that her twin brother & mom like to do, so her mom regularly asks if I can take TG so she and brother can go to places like the transportation museum, which is where they wanted to go on Halloween. So coming home from the Halloween party I had TG with me. I took the girls to Panera Bread because TG is extreemly hard to feed...this kid hates everything!!! But we know that she'll eat bagles with cream cheese, so Panera Bread it is! Good thing I love their salad & sandwiches (right now I could go for some soup!) The girls had a blast playing together and Darly's room actually stayed clean (well it got cleaned again while TG was here.) DH took Darly & TG trick-or-treating.

I stayed home to hand out candy. First off we had a few small kids, but mostly tweens come and I watched as many kids passed by our house. I wonder if the small slope to my driveway was just too hard to climb for them to bother. I was pleased that since my neighbor wasn't giving out candy the kids were not cutting through my grass. YAY! And even though folks who live out in the country drove their kids into our subdivision (they live on property where the houses are about a mile apart) things were pretty much done by 8pm. We closed up then and still had some candy left over. And I never had to break into my emergency stash...yay Twix for me!!!

On Thursday I took Heather's daughter to go see Seussical Jr. I had a great time, Darly forgot her glasses so she couldn't really see the character's faces. I think we should go get her a second pair of glasses to keep in the car since she is so forgetful. The girls also got to meet another girl their age...looks like Darly's next birthday party is gonna be huge!

After we saw the play I took the girls to lunch at Sooper Salad! Neither ate very much but at least it was cheap for them. Next it was off in search of a Hallmark store so we could find some Webkinz Clothes for another friend's birthday party next Saturday.

Then we headed back to Heather's house. The girls got some quality playtime and I got to chat with Heather. At 4:30 it was time for Darly & I to rush home so she could go to Gymnastics class. STRIKE ONE! As we were pulling into the garage I tell Darly to go upstairs get her leotard on and we are leaving as soon as she is dressed. (DH was already home from work) Darly comes downstairs with her leotard in her hand and sits down at the table. I say in what was probably not the nicest voice that I had told her to get dressed she needed to hurry as we were going to be late. STRIKE TWO! We get to the gym just in time for Darly to walk into her class (she wasn't late) Whew! BUT it turns out that she had her least favorite coach. STRIKE THREE! But bad coach wasn't crabby so strike 3 wasn't so bad.

Lessons learned: 1st don't plan any other activities on Gym days...especially not a play date as Darly doesn't like to leave a playdate to go to the Gym. 2nd Darly HATES to be rushed, so try harder to be on time (looks like I'm breeding another chronically early person in the world!) And there was nothing I could do about her coach. LOL!

See Darly was moved up to this class in September. Right as Darly moved up the gym lost two of it's coaches. I don't know what happened to the first one (never met that coach as they only worked tues & thurs and we were monday/wednesday class at the time). The second coach ran off to get married (how dare her?!?! just kidding) so the gym is short 2 coaches. So Darly's class was over booked with girls (12 at one point in a class that was supposed to be only 8 girls) and has rotating coaches. Which is probably why this one coach was so cranky...she wanted to coach the TEAM girls, not Darly's class. But now crabby coach seems to have accepted this and isn't quite so crabby about it. However, I found out that crabby coach is going to Greece in a few weeks for a I wonder how they'll staff the gym then. ut oh!

And now for Friday. We had Girl Scouts. Another mom had planned the meeting and the girls would be making boxes for Operation Christmas Child. The mom had first handed out toy blocks to each girl and told them a story about a village where a house had burned down. Everyone in the village wanted to help the family but didn't know how. So the mayor asked each family to make one brick. Everyone wondered how one brick was going to help, but after seeing the mayor make one brick they made theirs as well. Well suddenly there were plenty of bricks to make a new house for the family. As the mom told the story she invited each girl up to bring her brick to make the house. It wasn't really anything that looked like a house, but the girls got the point. Then she showed the girls a video of what Operation Christmas Child is and then the girls made pony bead bracelets for the boxes. They were making a box for a Daisy aged girl, Brownie aged girl and Junior aged girl. Well all 3 boxes were over flowing with items that we had all brought much so that the mom decided later to make up a few more boxes to take. Unfortunately we won't be able to take the boxes with her as we have other plans that day.

In other news DH went to get his physical with our new doctor this week. The doctor's office failed to tell him that he needed to fast for 12 hours before coming in so they could do blood work. They also didn't tell him that he needed to give them a urine sample (yeah, it's been a LONG time since DH's last physical) so he goes in and can barely give them enough urine and has to return the folowing day for the blood draw. DH FAILED to tell the doctor that he has a family history of low white blood cell count. So when they got his blood work back they were all freaked out by his low blood cell count and now he has an appointment with an oncologist!!! He also had to go see a dermatologist who froze off quit a few unusual spots on DH's arms, hands & face...he looked pretty gory for Halloween! The dermatologist says the spots are similar to warts..but they're flat. Weird, but he's gotten them for years so we're used to this.
DH dug out his old Military medical records so he can take those to the Oncologist and hopefully not have to get another copy of his mother & sister's records before they believe that he is NOT dying of cancer. geepers! If only he had bothered to warn the doctor before hand we probably wouldn't be going through all of this. The Oncologist has sent us a packet of papers which include a "final wishes" booklet.

Today I'm gonna go Christmas shopping with Heather! YAY! And Darly told us last night that she doesn't think that Santa is real anymore. I'm torn between lying to her or letting her know she's right. I guess I better tell her the truth so she doesn't spill the beans to her friends (again!) I can't find the post but Darly told her friend the birds & the bees.

So I should go so I can go shopping!


  1. You certainly had a busy week. The Girl Scout activity sounds really interesting. I'll have to check into Operation Christmas Child to see if it's something our service unit can get involved with. I'm envious that you will get to go Christmas shopping. I haven't even started shopping for the holidays. I better get cracking!

  2. I agree. She's probably old enough to know the truth now. Good luck with that!

    Wow, you're really getting a jump on your shopping! That's great!

    An Island Life

  3. Busy is good, right??

    I've started shopping. I love the shopping part...

  4. Oh and I forgot to tell you that Elle and I went into a Hallmark store yesterday and saw those Webkins things and I said to Elle "I bet Renee and Darly would want those".

  5. Whew, I'm exhausted reading how busy you've been. Good thing it's Sunday. Mom wants to know if the Littleton History Museum has anything about Ralph Moody in it. (We ready his books back in our homeschooling days.)

  6. I am tired after reading that... I am going to bed ;)


  7. The Oncologist has sent us a packet of papers which include a "final wishes" booklet.

    Wow... they do that over a bad low white blood cell count? Isn't that jumping the gun a bit????

  8. Yikes...your post exhausted me so I can only imagine how exhausted you must be after that whirlwind week.

    And your retelling of your hubby's doctor's appointment reminds me why it is I try very hard to avoid my doctor.

  9. It was a setup! They were all Twix!

    I did not have a single trick-or-treater. Which means more Junior Mints, Butterfingers, and Now & Laters for me. But still, I like to see the cute costumes.

    Final wishes booklet? Geez. I sure hope it's nothing serious.

  10. Mom sez, fanks fur the linkie!