Friday, November 09, 2007

Oh MAN does this feel soooooo much better!!!

For the past two days or so we've been suffering with slow internet. From my post below you can see that I was getting pretty depressed about it. And I finally broke down and called up Qwest about it.

Well the lady I spoke to of course was trying to give me the run around..."it's not our problem..." but she actually gave me some handy dandy tests I could do at home to figure out what the problem was.
And sure enough after I unplugged my router my internet was working full speed again! YAY!

And then Meezer's Mom warned me that since I took off my router firewall I had better make sure I had another one on there...and guess was already running. (boy Vista sure doesn't make it easy to find that sucker!!!) but I found it and it was on and I even ran Defender (sounds so cool huh?) and was pleased to find that I didn't have anything creapy on my computer.

Now I'm all running great. YAY!!!

In other news:
I got an email about a week or two ago from my cell phone service provider that they were switching out the kind of service they offered and that my current cell phone would no longer If I Clicked HERE I could get an upgraded cellphone for FREE! Well I don't know about you, but that offer sounded WAY TOO PHISHY to me. So I sat on it for a day or 3 and then I called my provider up. And Whoa and Behold it was TRUE!!! They would give me a free upgrade phone. So I signed away my first born and waited for my "new" phone. I was hoping for the pretty pink phone I saw on their website.

Well the phone arrived on Wednesday and no it wasn't a pretty pink phone...bummer. So I put in the SIM card and charged it up and by the time that got done the provider was closed for the day...they're on the East coast.

So Thursday morning I call them up to do my transfer cuz they're saying that if I didn't call in 14 days of when I got the phone they would disconnect both phones! Shock!

So I call them up and we do all the signing over of my dog and house to get my new phone up and running. I have both phones and can see the transfer taking place...kinda cool. But then she informs me that it will take 48 hours for the transfer to fully take place. WHAT??? Oh well it's too late to cry about it now. My old minutes were already on my new phone and she gave me 10 extra minutes and 2 months of service (I have a pay as you go plan) so this was rather cool.

Okay since my old phone now is useless (I asked about donating it for charity and she said that once they did the transfer it wouldn't work for 911 either.) so I gave the phone to Darly. I figured she could play with it...she likes the games and playing with the ring tones. And she was thrilled with it. so much so that she brought it along on our field trip to show her friends.

So were at the field trip and Darly has the "dead" phone in her pocket. I have my new phone that still doesn't work in my car. The guy is doing a great job of telling us all about the museum and all the sudden a cell phone goes off. Darly looks at me all freaked out. I ask is it you? and she nodds. I take the phone and hit the silent button...and soon there's a beep that I have a message. Ummmm okay, I can't answer the phone cuz it has no minutes and I can't retreive the messages until my new phone is connected to the network. LOL! so I have no idea who called and no idea what they wanted.

Then I post about this on my homeschooling board and one of my friends asks if it was her calling??? WHAT THE HEY are you calling about during a field trip??? and yes she knew we would be on a field trip...but she might have forgotten. But seriously I don't think it was her cuz it didn't display a phone number. I should check to see if it pops up our number when I call it from home.

Oh well, I should be cellular by tomorrow.


  1. okay I checked the old phone and yes it might have been that friend cuz my number doesn't show up either. *eyeroll*

  2. I can't believe you're actually getting a cell phone! Not you! LOL!

    An Island Life

  3. we're glad your 'puter is running better now! wow, that's a LOT of hassle to go through for a cell phone! at mommy's old jobbie, she used to handle the 160 or so cell phones for her work group, and none of them ever took more than 2 hours to transfer the number from one handset to another.

  4. I'm glad to hear your computer/internet is working better! That stuff can be so frustrating!

  5. Isn't "new" technology great? ;~)

    Congrats on your new cellphone. And I'm glad to read that you seem to have solved your Internet problems. After verbally threatening my computer with all sorts of terrible things, it seems to have calmed down and is now behaving itself. We'll see if it continues to connect properly.

  6. New cell phones rock! Having to wait for the new phone to work, after they "disconnected" the old phone is bogus! You might want to be sure that the old phone is really disconnected (cause if it is, it shouldn't be receiving any phone calls). At least I think it shouldn't.

  7. Drat! I mean no, it's good but If I would have read your blog a day sooner I could have helped you with the unplugged thing. For some reason Qwest just has that issue around these parts. The kids know WELL already about unplugging the white cord and counting to 30 LOL

  8. I can't answer the phone cuz it has no minutes and I can't retreive the messages until my new phone is connected to the network.

    That sounds like a Seinfeld situation.

    I've signed away my first born a couple of times recently.