Sunday, November 11, 2007

How is this for fun???

I just scrolled down to last month to see how much more time I had until my mom is due to show up...and it's only 7 days! YIKES! I've been a total slacker...well not entirely since I did clean up my office which might be her bedroom. So not all bad. I can probably whip through the rest of my list pretty quickly...especially if I get these other people here to help out...not DH though, he'll say he's clearing off his HUGE PILE OF MAIL and sit down to start reading it... I should just go through it and ditch it all...but he's home for the next two days (not sure why he can't go to work after his doc appt on Tuesday morning...but that's another ranting post!) So I'll ahve to go through his mail on Wednesday.

But the kicker is... I haven't heard a peep from my brother who is supposed to be arranging the travel for this wonderful event!!! I emailed him back on the 1st and he still hadn't gotten the tickets yet because he's trying to use his frequent flyer miles...well those are pretty much USELESS around the holidays. So I'm beginning to wonder if this will ever happen. I can't imagine that buying the tickets at this late date will be anything but expensive...unless he's trying to get them on Priceline. Hum

Well I just emailed him again today. I tried to be as nice as I could. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh wow, 7 days?!! I hope you get it all figured out!

  2. Those 7 days are going to fly by! However, if he didn't get those tickets by now, he's going to pay A LOT for them!

    An Island Life

  3. Seven days....yikes is right. Is your brother always this 'relaxed' about reservations and planning?

  4. Wait... time out. She's due in a week and doesn't have a ticket yet??????

  5. I hope your brother doesn't shoot himself in the foot waiting til the last minute to make arrangements....oy! I got cracked up at your DH "helping" with the mail...sounds like something that would happen here! You ought to make that man a list!!
    ((((HUGS))) to you!