Thursday, November 15, 2007

There could be a wedding tomorrow!

I got a call from my SIL this morning...seems that my brother put her in charge of the wedding. So SIL & I checked our respective calendars. We also checked the website for the courthouse. They only do the weddings at noon and 5pm each day. And then you have to show up 1/2 hour early so they know how many they have to plan for. The best days for us were tomorrow, Tuesday & Wednesday (and Wednesday would take some clever planning on my part!) We were both worried that the court house might be closed for the Holiday for some or all of those days. So we decided to try for Tomorrow. SIL was supposed to call the Courthouse to see how long they needed to figure for getting the licence and to see if we could get reservations at one of the restaurants we picked out. I volunteered to make up a copy of the menu without prices to give to the bride & groom.

Mom & Stepdad get here tomorrow around 10am. So then we have to see if they're up for this speedy wedding thing...otherwise I don't know when we'll be able to pull this off as Stepdad has to go back on Friday. After the wedding is all official we head off to dinner.

So DH has picked out his wedding attire and will take it to work with him, take off early and meet us at the Courthouse...if he gets the call to do so.

Darly & I will go to Girl Scouts and then on our way to the Courthouse pick up some flowers. Darly will be the flowergirl & photographer. I hope I'm the Matron of honor.

So now all we're waiting on is the call.

and here's my Progress. The kitchen still needs some work, but I should be able to get that done by Monday. Now I just hope that the plans don't change any.

Oh and SIL & I talked about Thanksgiving. It will be here. SIL is bringing some of the side dishes. I need to see if MIL is coming and if she'll bring her pumpkin dessert...yum! If she does, I'll need some ice cream to go on top. And then the only other thing I really need is to borrow a table from my Church so we can all sit together...sort of. I'm gonna have two tables to make it easier to get in and out. The second table will be in my Living room which is connected to my dinning room by a huge arch.

Okay, that's it for now.


  1. My head is spinning...but I don't think it's the vertigo this time...I think it's the amazement over the craziness at your house! Wow!!!
    I hope you get to be the matron of honor,'s only fair, as hard as you're slaving!

  2. Wow! A wedding, Thanksgiving, and your mom for a month - I think this gives you a free pass into heaven!!

  3. How wonderful this whirlwind sounds. At least it is a happy occasion...right? Good job on the cleaning up. I am envious.

  4. Can't wait to hear if there was indeed a wedding, and if so, how it went! :)

    Is your whole family this spontaneous?

  5. Congratulations Mom! You should be watching a wedding soon :)

    Glad everything is going smooooothly ;)

  6. Looks like things are falling into place :)