Saturday, November 24, 2007

Puppy love and sadness

My mom had two dogs. Samantha was a Sheltie who had lots of medical issues (she was a puppy mill dog). She suffered from seizures and had kidney problems. Casey is a Shih Tzu.
Casey is my Stepdad's dog. 100%! My stepdad spoils Casey all the time and they were meant to be together.
Samantha was my mom's dog, but she was really shy and not properly socialized to people so Samantha would rather hang around with Casey.

Casey could have cared less about Samantha, he wanted to be with Stepdad. In fact Casey would get jealous when Stepdad or Mom paid any attention to Samantha.

So you can imagine everyone's suprise when Casey is showing signs of missing Samantha.

The dogs were boarded at their vet's office because my mom felt that they would be checked in on more frequently and the vet would know their conditions in case something happened. And that would have been the case normally but it didn't happen on Thanksgiving because the office was closed.

When the vet tech found Samantha had passed away they said that Casey was laying on her and licking her. They took Samantha away of course and they don't know how long Casey was with her body.
Stepdad says that Casey didn't greet him when they were reunited and that he cried on the way home from the vet's office...when they got home Casey searched the house for Samantha. Poor puppy.

Mom says that stepdad doesn't want to get a new dog, but when I showed her the local Sheltie Rescue website she really wanted some of the dogs there. So that should be interesting. hee hee

I would really like to encourage them to rescue a dog instead of getting one from another puppy mill. I know that they don't mind having a dog with medical issues, but I just don't like encouraging puppy mills to produce dogs that have these problems.


  1. Dogs are very sensitive animals and obviously Casey is mourning the loss of Samantha. I feel so sorry for the little guy.

    And I definitely agree that a rescue dog is certainly the better way to go. There are enough animals in this world searching for a good home and puppy mills should always be discouraged.

  2. Oh man. That is so sad. Poor Casey, how traumatic. I wonder how Casey would deal with a puppy. Maybe they could rescue an older dog.

  3. Awww Poor Casey... I hope he gets over it soon :(

  4. That is so sad. I feel sorry for Casey. Even though Catzee and I pretend not to get along, we would really miss each other if something happened. Purrs to Casey and her humans.

  5. Aw, that's furry sad 'bout Casey. But I think ya shoulda let Darly get the kitty like me acuz her would of won offur Lilly an' Trina, an' Trudy!

  6. :(

    So sad. But really sweet too.

  7. Awww, that was so sweet of Casey, poor dog has lost his friend...

  8. They should definitely consider a shelter. There are a lot of animals out there that need a good home.

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