Friday, November 09, 2007

Calling all computer experts!!!

UPDATE! I called up Qwest and we figured out that my problem was with my router. And just to be sure I plugged the router back in after hanging up with Qwest and sure enough my problem came now I have disconnected the router. So Now I need to ask if anyone knows how I can fix my router so I can use it again...cuz it was my firewall. Thanks!

I am experiencing computer problems AGAIN!!!! And to tell you the truth it is really making me very angry.

For the past few days we've had where we can get on the internet but for some odd reason everything is taking a very long time to download (slower than way back when we were on dial up!) and most of the time Internet Explorer just gives up and says it can't display the page. I've been having to hit the refresh button over and over just to get most things to come up. A lot of the time it will down load part of a page and all the Ads and then quit before the stuff I WANT to see comes up. *eyeroll!*

I've run my says my computer is fine and the only thing it has ever brought up is cookies.

I can do all other applications on my computer with no problems or lag (word, and games.) It seems entirely internet related.

I have been having it give me cranky messages about flash player (cuz Webkinz uses that a lot.) And it has shut down IE because of the flash player thing.

Oh and in the past my modem has disconnected from the internet for no known reason. I've had Qwest out here to look at it before and the guy fixed a bunch of stuff on it, but I couldn't tell you what that was.

The modem seems fine right's not kicking me off the internet. But if you know how I can check it, that would be great. I could also use help with testing the router.

I hate calling up anyone especially Qwest (my provider) or MSN (my ISP) because the two of them keep playing the blame game circle..."it's not our fault, it's theirs!" And the last time DH called up Qwest he had DH delete the Ethernet card which seemed to fry that out entirely!

If anyone out there has suggestions for what all I can do please let me know... Thanks!

I was able to visit blogs yesterday, but I could only comment on some. I'm so sorry.


  1. I hear your pain. I too have been having Internet connection problems...maybe it's something in the air. I wish I had some incredibly brilliant answer for you but then, if I did, I'd use it on my computer too. Sigh... Good luck and let me know if you find any answers I can steal. :~)

  2. Miss Renee - mommy wants to know if you haf any software for your router - like an installation disk or firmware or anything like that. Or, if not, haf you gone to the web page for the manufakshurer of the router to download any patches they may have?


  3. I wish that I had any idea what you were talking about because I would love to help you fix your problem. Alas, Computer is a foreign language that I did not take in school.

  4. Miss Renee

    Mommy says you're welcome. but she also says until you get your router fixed, make shur that your Windows firewall is turned on to at least protekt your 'puter some. If you don't know how to find it, it's on your Windows Security settings, and there should be an icon for it in your taskbar on the botton right of your screen.