Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving rehashed!

I woke up early thinking about everything that I had to get done. I had my checklist of things to do and when...

PROBLEM: I didn't schedule when I was suposed to get my shower and get ready...and I should have figured out where and in what to store everyting yesterday instead of trying to figure it all out on they fly!

I tried to get as much of the stuff that I knew Mom would question done before she got up...I did pretty well at it too. ha ha although she totally didn't understand my turkey cooking method. And she tried to get me to make her stuffing...but I made mine with a few of her teaks.

All the food turned out great! Everyone loved everything...even my nephew and Darly.

My brother called me to let me know that his step-FIL wouldn't be less for dinner...yay! I didn't need to drag in the folding chair.

DH was pretty wonderful...he did lots to help out.

Mom made gravy and it came out very well...good thing too cuz she eats her dinner swimming in it! LOL!

Something that I wasn't prepared for was that SIL's mom is allergic to dogs. I told her that Lilly isn't allowed in the Living room & Dining room and asked if that would be okay or is she more allergic than that. She said that would be okay...but my mom says that SIL & her mom had looks that said it wasn't okay and Lilly was soon pushed outside and had to spend most of today in her bedroom. Poor dog. I'm pretty ticked off that no one told me beforehand that she was allergic. I would have been much more willing to have dinner at my brother's house than to shut my dog up all day.

My MIL brought very yummy desserts (including my favorite!)

And my SIL brought veggies & wine (wonder where the beer she said she was bringing went?) Oh well.

And we will have lots of leftovers...I hope SIL took her cranberries home...I didn't check the frig.

right before dinner I started hiding my dirty dishes in my laundryroom's utility sink. I gave the really messy ones a shot of Dawn Power Disolver and vowed to wash them later (even though I didn't want to.)

After dinner and everything I did wash all the dishes...the dishwasher helped a lot, but I did all the pots & pans and a bunch of silverwear. but I didn't have enough room to dry it I put a towel over one of my counters and left the dishes to air dry there.

My plan to use the drawer under my stove as a warming try didn't work all that well. While that drawer gets plenty warm when the self cleaner is on, it is very well insulated when normal cooking is going on...and even my pizza stone couldn't hold enough heat to keep things toasty...I think if I try that again I'll need to insulate the drawer first.

Okay the turkey, and the getting up early are catching up to me.

Oh, a very sad note. The vet's office where my mom's dogs were staying while they are here called. Samantha, my mom's sheltie passed away last night. Samantha suffered from seizures and her kidneys didn't work very well. I remember a few years ago when it wasn't expected that Samantha would live much longer, so I was quite suprised to hear that she was still with us. She was a very sweet dog who will be greatly missed.

Tomorrow I have to drive my stepdad to the airport, and call someone about fixing our garage door...the spring broke on Wednesday night. I hope they can come fix it soon.


  1. WHOA you had more of a busy day then I did.. yet you still had the energy to post all that.. Kudos to you! I didnt post my day... I copped out ;) I just said Good Day.. more later... I am crazy. LOL Basically my normal posts ;)

    Glad everythign was good and you survived!

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous day! That is stinky that SIL didn't tell you before hand that her mother was allergic to dogs...hellllo...that is important information.

    Sorry to hear about your mom's dog. It must be tough for her being away when it happened.

    Take a good long soak in a tub, have a nice nap, and get your DH to give you a foot massage...after all of the work that you did yesterday, you deserve them!

  3. It seems you were very, very busy but everything went relatively well, despite allergies...!!
    Sorry about your mom's dog...Enjoy the rest of the weekend and take care of yourself :)

  4. Well, you survived!! Yipppeee! Now you can rest and relax.

  5. I can't believe you were still blogging after all that! I was SO ready for bed last night!!
    Not going shopping today? I just don't think I have the energy!

  6. Wow...that was some exhausting day but it sounds like you all had a great time. All that work and then it's over so quickly.

    Sorry to hear about your mom's dog. Animals become an integral part of the family and losing one is always difficult.

    Now go relax and take a little "Renee" time.

  7. Ohh, that's awful about your mom's dog! Sorry, too, that it happened while they with you -- and over Thanksgiving. that's hard....

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Sounds like quite the day! Laughed at this: PROBLEM: I didn't schedule when I was suposed to get my shower and get ready...

    Oops :)

    Hope you had a happy thanksgiving!

  9. Sorry to hear about your Mom's dog :(

    So what's your favorite dessert?