Friday, December 21, 2007

Crashing through the snow...


Yes Jen, we did go to Girl Scouts today but we probably should have stayed home.

When I got up this morning I looked outside and figured that the weather men people were wrong again and the dreaded snow that they predicted wouldn't be coming at all. It was bright sunny and over 40 degrees when I got up...I even put on a long sleeved t-shirt.

But as we headed out to Girl Scouts the clouds began to roll in. I was thinking "ut oh, I guess they were right." When we got to Girl Scouts we started seeing very tiny snow flakes.

As the meeting went on the flakes got bigger and began to stick to the roads. (for those of you in the southern area, unfamiliar with snow...sticking is when the snow actually stays white on top of stuff.)

When we got out of the meeting the roads were very busy and I took a different path home to try to avoid some traffic which worked out really well. But the going was still very slow...stop & go almost the entire way.

When we made it to Parker, I got to this one intersection where we get a lot of crashes and was annoyed because someone had crashed there again. Oh and the police officer was directing traffic and since our 2 lanes were completely blocked he would only let one go through the intersection at a time.

Now the fun part...

We get to the end of the road I am on and I have to turn right...normally this isn't a problem, but I had slowed down to a stop because the roads were snowy. Once my way was clear I began to go and my car decided to FISHTAIL! First I went a bit one way, then a bit the other and finally it spun around and headed for the ditch! However, (and this totally had to be an act of GOD) my car went into the only hole there was on that stretch of shoulder and it stopped my car from continuing down the hill, through a fence and into a field. Instead my car was stopped, tire in hole and back end sticking out about 3 feet into traffic. Oh and I was turned about 70 degrees from the direction that I wanted to be going. (I didn't notice how far out into traffic I was sticking until later...thank goodness!)

So after making sure that Darly was fine, I get out of the car and try to assess what my options were. My car is tilted pretty badly making it so I couldn't get my door open all the way...but I could get out of the car. I had heard a loud noise when we hit so I was worried that I might have broken something on the car like a friend of mine did...but I couldn't see anything that looked as if it were out of place.

Lots of people stopped to help and one called the sheriff's office (I had left my cell phone at home...go figure!) so the sheriff was soon there to keep folks from hitting the back of my car...It totally didn't occur to me that was a possibility until later...I left Darly in there.

Some of the men who stopped thought that perhaps I could drive the car out of the hole myself if I put it into I locked the hubs, but then I noticed how busy the traffic was getting and knew I would never get the amount of room I needed to make this maneuver. The Sheriff took one look and said that "Nope, you're gonna need a wench!" so he called for a tow truck.

Then Darly & I waited for about an hour for one to show up. I sooooo had to go pee by the time he arrived! But the tow truck guy hooked up my car to the wench and had me out of there in no time flat. I paid the nice man and the sheriff stopped traffic so I could get my car that was now facing North on the South bound lane facing the right direction again.

I made the best 3 point turn of my life and was able to drive all the way problems. In fact the car doesn't look as if it was hurt at all. I'm still a bit concerned about the rear tire that hit the curb...I'll check to make sure it doesn't go flat on me.

And DH will probably insist that we have it inspected by someone who knows what they are doing. LOL!

In the end we are all fine and very thankful that God was looking out for us and put that hole there where we needed it. And I kinda think this was God's way of telling me to lighten up on the other drivers out there who were in accidents today slowing me up. I'm sure they weren't expecting whatever caused their accident either.


  1. Thank Goodness for God! How freaky!

  2. I am so so relieved to hear that you and Darly are just fine and not suffering any ill effects. It's obvious that someone "upstairs" was watching over the two of you and I'm so glad. Oh...and thanks for the reminder why it is I don't live in snow country!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that everybody is fine. How scary!


  4. How scary!! I'm glad you're both ok, but still... that kind of thing is so scary (BTDT) Do have the car checked... Lots of stuff can get bent when you hit a curb like that.

  5. We hit some ice on the way to the cookie lady's house. James had to (more than once) change lanes because the car wasn't stopping. We made it home in one piece though. And I was going very slowly when I had to take Hannah to the ER at 8pm that night!

  6. Yikes, what a ride! Glad you're home safe and sound now!

  7. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you're OK!!!

    for those of you in the southern area, unfamiliar with snow...sticking is when the snow actually stays white on top of stuff.

    I laughed soooo hard at that... :-) The truth hurts? :)

  8. Oh wow. Thank G-d that you were both o.k. I am so glad that there is not snow where I live. Everytime we go up to Mammoth Mountain (here is California) I always have DH drive. I do not like driving in the snow...not one bit! (I am such a wuss)