Friday, December 14, 2007

Dashing through the snow...

in my old beat up Explorer...

I really wanted to get over to the Christmas Ornament store to pick up a few ornaments for gifts. I checked online cuz the store I wanted to go to is pretty far away from me, but each year they have a temperary store at our mall...and this year was the same. So even though it was still snowing, the roads didn't look bad so we loaded up the truck and headed out.

First I shoveled my half of the driveway and put some sand down (insurance that I could get back up my drive!) and then we were off.

The roads on the way to the mall were really great. While I was online I checked out where the customer service desk is so I could pick up a wheelchair for Mom. When we got to the mall, I dropped off Mom and went to park. While waiting to get back to the eisle where we saw 3 good parking spots 3 other cars pulled in that eisle. BUMMER! So I skipped that eisle and picked one farther from the didn't help any, I still had to hike a long way into the mall.

We meet up with Mom who waited outside...I asked why she didn't go in where it was warm and have a seat. She didn't know. So then we get in the mall and there's no Customer Service desk! WHAT??? But then I find the sign that shows they moved it by the Macy's store. Great. "Thanks for updating your website! If I had known that I would have parked at the Macy's enterance so Mom wouldn't have had to walk so far to the wheelchairs!"

We get Mom a wheelchair, they take my driver's lisence...some trade huh? And we're the bathrooms! Then we're off to the Ornament store. They put it in what used to be a sport's store. For the most part we did okay navigating the mall and the store wasn't so packed that we couldn't get around. However there were many times that I wanted an airhorn for people just chatting in the middle of an already crowded mall.

I found what I needed, but Mom didn't find what she wanted. BTW: You can get Webkinz at St Nicks, someplace called Dickens and at Hallmark...that we saw! And the Hallmark gives you extra stuff (trading cards or a purse) if you buy theirs. We didn't buy cuz someone is already getting plenty...although the new penguin is soooooo cute!!!

On our way out of the mall it is snowing quite a bit harder and I thought about putting the Explorer into 4x4 but I felt that the roads would be well traveled and was just getting out of the parking lot that would be a bit tricky and I didn't want to have the 4x4 going that long since it makes it hard for me to manuver that car.

We did okay in the parking lot except for one thing... You know how in the mall parking lots where they have you stop all over the place? Everywhere there is a major enterance there is a 3 way stop for the road that goes around all the parking. Well apparently those 3 way stops do not apply to women on their cell phones cuz there were at least 3 women who blew right through those stop signs while I waited (I could see that they were traveling way too fast to actually stop without I stayed put since I didn't want to get clobbered!) One woman did stop for like a 1/2 a second and then she kept on going...I had the right of way and she kept on going. Whatever! Finally there was a break in the traffic and I was able to get out of the parking lot.

I did have my anti-lock breaks kick in at one point which scared me since I had room to make a normal stop and they kicked in and it looked as if they weren't going to let me stop in the amount of room I had left for myself...after that I gave myself plenty of extra room and except for two slides (the second one I totally expected!) we got home with no worries. And getting up the driveway took a bit of convincing my car that it could do it...but we made that too.

Now we are waiting for DH to make it home. His car does not have 4x4. I'll be shoveling the driveway for him in a bit and putting down fresh sand. Aren't I a sweet wife?


  1. I didnt go out today... ;) Specially not to the MALL! ;)

  2. I got one of those Webkinz bags from Hallmark a few weeks ago... and I didn't buy any Webkinz? Weird.

  3. we weren't able to go anywhere because all we got was ice :( But it was very thoughtful of you to do that for your hubby!!

  4. I saw the webkinz at the hallmark!

  5. That is precisely why I live where there isn't any snow. It becomes such a big production to get anywhere when there is snow on the ground. You are one brave woman to navigate not only the mall but the parking lot as well. Glad it went well:~)

  6. They have webkinz at our Target.

    What the heck is webkinz?? I see it everywhere but I'm clueless.

    You're right, my aunt is amazing! And so young too. (She only has me by about 13 years)

  7. ABS -- I hate the thought of life before that! but it's an awful feeling whenever they engage, isn't it?

  8. You are a sweet wife! My ABS scares me too, and I often think I would have been able to stop earlier had it not engaged. But, what do I know?

  9. Well this wasn't as fun as that other driving adventure you posted, where you had to turn into a parking lot that was hard to get into and was on a hill or something.

    But I'm glad you and your vehicle are safe.

    Have you considered investing in a ricksha?

  10. More webkinz? Whatever for?

    I'm staying away from retail outlets until after midnight or so. Then I figure I might be able to actually see the merchandise. I should have planned this better...

  11. The first thing I do when I go to the mall is go to the bathroom...

    I think I love snow only because we don't get any and therefore we don't have to shovel!!