Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Holidaze!

Sorry about the family griping in my last post...I just think that SIL is totally unreasonable.
When my Mom came out here she wanted to spend the weekends with my brother so she could get to know my nephew better (she's a bit jealous that her grandkids know and love their other grandparents more since they live close enough to see them all the time.) But Mom hasn't been able to stay with my brother since she first got here because my brother's family has been sick. So she's been with us which is just fine by me...she's not really any trouble. I just feel bad for her since she wanted to see nephew more.

So here's my crazy post...he he

Friday the 7th Darly & I had planned to go to the Scholastic Book fair and then to Girl Scouts...but then the mom of Darly's friend E called and asked if she could bring E to my house so that she could be home for all the stuff that was going on there. I told E's Mom that we were planning to go to the book fair which isn't that far from her house so we could swing by and get E then. So Darly & I go shopping at the book fair...loads of fun and we got a lot of great stuff! Darly got a Steve Spangler Science kit for only $7.50! Yippee! There's a bunch of other cool stuff that we got too. I need to find the stuff we bought as gifts and pull it out of there. Then we got E and headed to Girl Scouts. The girls brought in their collections to share. Darly brought in her smushed penny collection and told her friends about that. I brought in pictures of a few of my bunnies (I just took some digitals of my family room shelves...that are packed.) But that's barely 1/4 of everything that I have. hee hee it was fun!

Saturday we had scheduled: Gymnastics makeup for missing on Thanksgiving at 8:30am; Christmas Pageant at 10:15am; and then our town's Christmas parade at 2pm. Oh, we got snow Friday night and into I put the car into 4x4. We drug our selves out of bed early for the gym. When it's time for the class to start, Darly is the only one there! I asked one of the coaches if we were there at the right time and he assured me that we were and would be out to get her in just a minute. So Darly starts the class all by herself...she's loving the one on one with her favorite coach (he hasn't been her coach since she moved up) but then another girl from her class showed she had to share. They got to do tons of stuff and had lots of fun...yup! They were both tired after all of that!
We had some time before the Christmas pageant rehersal, so we zipped home first. warmed up and then headed to the Church. What a total mess! This pageant was "organized" by the different choir directors...and they really didn't have a clue. The idea was to present the Christmas story with song and scripture. Most of the kids who signed up were in the choir, but Darly is not. She loves to sing but doesn't like getting up early enough to be in the choir (sleep over rules choir every time!) So since the directors had no idea who Darly was they gave her a very short piece. (insert momma growl here!) Children who are in the choir got very long long that they had no chance of memorizing them. There was no plan for what the kids were supposed to do, so the rehersal was really them just trying to figure out who was doing what when. (insert eyeroll here) They let the kids go after trying 3 different ways of having the kids line up...there was no real order to any of it. Everyone at Church was like "Oh rehersals are ALWAYS like this and it ALWAYS works out just fine for the real thing!" I was like "Yeah right!"
When we got home and decide to not go to the parade because while the snow had quit it was still very cold out (28 I think) and we would have had to walk about 2 blocks to get to the parade and then stand in the cold to see it...burr! I was a bit bummed because I wanted to see one of the vendors at the Craft fair...but I didn't want to freeze to do it!
So Darly & Dh went to MIL's house to help her get her decorations up...I stayed home and did laundry. MIL is going to Michigan for Christmas, so that clears up how we will handle Christmas Eve (don't have to schedule going to MIL's house.)

Sunday Darly & I get up very early because we have to be at Church at 7:30am! We get there with time to spare...I even run some of our stuff to our Sunday School classroom. The pageant is during the Church service. It was alright, but the choir kids who were supposed to sit quietly were anything but quiet and had to be shushed numerous times...they drowned out one of the songs because they were so loud. Luckily the kids had scripts because most of them did not have their lines memorized and most all of them couldn't pronounce the words correctly. Darly said she was thinking "Ju-Day-AH!" while the other kids were saying it wrong. Oh well.
Since we had to do a repeat performance for the second service, Darly & I ducked out early and went to get ready for our Sunday School class. For the second service two of the kids who were supposed to be singing were chasing each other in a circle during one of the songs. Their mother was fit to be tied and was trying to get her other two kids to stop them but was unable to get their of the other kids tried to get them to stop but they of course weren't listening to him.

I don't know what caused it, but I had a terrible headache so when we got home I took some pain killer and went to bed...I didn't wake up until it was time for dinner and even then I didn't feel all that well. but I feel fine now.

And now we have another week to look forward to. YAY.. Oh yeah, DH is out of town until Thursday.


  1. Gymnastics on Thanksgiving?!?! Who is her coach, Bela Karolyi?

    I'm with Darly. Sleep totally overrules choir. Or working out. Or golf. Or breakfast.

  2. Oh, are you ever busy!!!! Darly knows her priorities!
    And with all that going on you wonder where your headache comes from??

  3. Hope your headache is long gone!!!!

    Sounds busy...