Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm a baaaad kid...

the past two nights I haven't been a very good girl

Yesterday we went to see Enchanted with some friends. I invited my Mom to come with us but she declined. Well the movie got out at 5:40pm and I knew that she would have already had dinner so I was going to take Darly to get dinner and since we were most of the way there, we were also going to go to St. Nick's Christmas Store.

Well my friend that we went to the movies with wanted to go to St. Nick's too and after thinking out how to work it all out she invited Darly & me to dinner at her house, offered her DH to watch Darly while we went to St Nick's. That sounded like an awesome plan...how could I refuse?

So we did it! And I didn't call mom to let her know because a)she wouldn't pick up the phone and b)she's a big girl and can take care of herself.

Well tonight I did it again!
Oh I forgot to mention that we brought home Darly's friend last night to spend the night. But they were both just fine and didn't bother mom at all.

okay back to tonight. I had to get friend home and Darly was going to spend the night at another friend's house...and she also had gymnastic's class. So the plan was I would take friend 1 with me to gymnastics class and after gym drive to friend
2's house...on the way friend 1's mom would meet me and pick her up. That went perfect!

I get to friend 2's house and her mom invites me to stay for pizza. Ummm okay! Well they were showing me the house (it's a house they bought to fix up and resell and it's very beautiful!) and the pizza burned. Ooops! So we decide to run to McD's. then we get back and just start talking like crazy LOL! and next thing you know it's almost 10pm and were still there talking.

I finally left to come home sometime after 10pm. Mom was already in bed...I should check on the kitchen. I'm sure she'll have something to say about this. Oh and while I was out my MIL called twice to let me know that tomorrow she's heading to see her daughter. She won't be back until January. She didn't seem too happy that I wasn't home. Hummm


  1. You are not a bad kid, you have a busy life and the past two days sound like fun :)

  2. Everyone needs to get away and enjoy herself... You are normal!

  3. I thought Darly was guest-blogging until almost through the second paragraph! :)

    Good for you!

  4. Sounds like you were just living life...It's hard to remember to 'check-in' with your parents when you haven't had to do it in a boat-load of years. If your mom doesn't like it...she can always stay at your brothers:~)

  5. I will agree with everyone... you are a big girl now... I dont think you have to check in.. specially if she is moving here.. you wont see her every day anyway...you are just prepping her for real life lOL

  6. I think that now is the PERFECT time to be a little slack with stuff like that. Otherwise, when she moves here she'll expect you to check in with her all day every day. Just set the standards now and you'll all be happier in the long run.

  7. Sounds like everything went well to me! This is such a busy time of year and you have your own life. :-)

    BTW, how did you like Enchanted?

    An Island Life