Sunday, December 02, 2007

so tired...

well after Thanksgiving things have been a whirlwind here. You may have noticed my inactivity around here. Trust me, my other online pursuits have been suffering as well.

I went in to work at Church twice...once for myself and once as a fill-in for another gal. We've been trying to get our Christmas trees up (still working on that!) and get the house decorated. I managed to get my Advent Wreath out in just enough time for dinner tonight because I asked my Mom to help...darn those plastic wrappers on candles!

I also got my Christmas cards made...shopped around online for the best price for the printing and was then told that price was ONLY on orders over $70!!! I told her that I didn't see that on her website. She offered me a "regular" price but it was still too much. So then I figured out that "duh!" I could print them at home for less even if I have to replace all my ink pods (HP has cool ink pods) on the printer...and it didn't even empty them out. So that's all cool. I've finished my cards and DH has done a bunch of his. I was shocked at how many he chose to do...normally I get the ones for his Aunts & Uncles, but not this year. Whew! Now tomorrow, I'll go buy the stamps and we should get them in the mail by Tuesday.

Oh, this is good. We started putting up our Christmas lights on the house. I have a set of net lights that I put on my front porch me, it gives a nice look. But when I plugged in our set, it wasn't working. So I went to the store and finally bought a light checker. I also got some extra bulbs (because we couldn't find the ones I already had) and another set of net lights...just in case. Get the bulb checker home...DH spends quite a bit more time trying to figure out why it's not working and then suddenly it's working! Wow! So I decide I want to keep the new set anyway and hang them on the front railing...then I hang the old set on the side railing. I plug them in and "TAH DAH!" The old set is dead!!!! It's still out there and still dead. Oh well. The rest of the house looks great.

And while I was out I found Garland Lights. I just tried to find you a good picture of them online but no one wants to share. See these lights have at each place where the bulbs come out from the wire strand two lights going in one direction and one light in the other. The cool thing is that you get more light per foot...the bad thing is that they give you a shorter strand. The reason this is so appealing to me is that currently I have my outdoor lights stored all folded up like they come from the when I hang them they're in a zig zag pattern. Then I hang the lights in loops. The end effect is a very bright and gingerbread house look. I really like it and some of my neighbors have commented too. Maybe if you're good, I'll post a picture.

Mom was supposed to go and stay at my brother's house this weekend. Mom wanted to spend weekends with my brother so she could get better aquainted with my nephew and to give me & DH a break. Well Brother & his family all got sick. Mom can't get sick...she still has pneumonia and her lungs are only working at 40%. So if she catches a common cold it could send her to the hospital. (I've been fighting this nasal thing, but we've been really good and she hasn't been one else has come down with it either.) So I got to keep Mom for the weekend.

The only problem really is that Darly keeps staying up all night and Mom keeps getting up early every morning. I'm not getting any sleep! Tomorrow I get to go work at Church again... sigh! My Church really needs to get the funding so they can afford to hire someone (NOT ME, I'm too tired!) to do this job. Please pray that I get to go to sleep...thanks!


  1. You have your tree up AND your cards done? I grovel at your feet...I'm not worthy!
    I have neither done, and no shopping done, and 21 or so days to finish :( Eeeek!

  2. OH! I forgot...remember how we couldn't find the extra bulbs? Well that was because DH brought up almost every box...EXCEPT the box that had the extra bulbs in it. I found it and brought those up.
    I'm still missing two ornaments that I bought this summer in Frankenmuth though!

  3. Wait... you and DH do your own cards?!?!?! Really? Wow.

  4. You look exhausted. And you've got the AIDS walk tomorrow. You'll never make it.

  5. Well, no wonder you're tired! Look at all the things you've been doing in preparation for Christmas! At least you're being productive! Can you come over and help me? hee hee

    An Island Life

  6. Oh, my, you are so busy, you are even making your own Xmas-cards! Get some sleep before you get sick!

  7. I hope everyone gets well soon, and you get some sleep!!

    I want to see a picture! I'm good!!


    "Mr Sandman? Can you please get to Parker ASAP?"

  9. My mom is furry impressed that ya maded yur own Christmas cards. An' I hope ya gets a gooooood loooooong catnap.

  10. Wow, you sure have been really busy. There really isn't anything restful about the holidays, is there?