Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm "IT" again!

I got tagged by Heather

Rules: Each tagged person must post 8 random facts or habits about themselves on their blog. At the end of the post, choose 8 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment telling them that they are tagged and to read your blog.

Hummm I wonder if it HAS to be 8 new things you don't already know about me.

1. Okay you know this already. I collect rabbits (only two are real). Hey Heather posted about her sheep tree, so I'm posting about my rabbits! I don't have that many (enough for an entire tree) rabbit Christmas ornaments. Why? you might ask? Well because it is darned near impossible to find Christmas ornaments with rabbits on them!!! Oh and you should see the looks you get when you go into a Christmas shop and ask for rabbit ornaments. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "You should come back here at Easter!" I don't want rabbits with eggs (I will have to seriously smack the person who matched up rabbits & eggs when I get to heaven...if I get to heaven with that kind of attitude.) Oh and while some rabbits in clothes are okay, I really perfer rabbits all natural.

2. Darly says for me to post... "your daughter loves cats and she HATES cats in clothes." hummm don't go look at her online Webkinz then. LOL!

2. okay that one wasn't about me so I'll give you #2 again. I'm a REALLY good cook, well most of the time. Tonight for dinner I made this recipe I found online and well it TANKED big time. BLECH! But I seriously thing that the problem was with the recipe, not the cook, cuz I did just what they said to do. Most of the time people love my food. (oh and by the way ms. picky Darly ate way more of the "tanked food" than I was it couldn't have been all that terrible...right?" But for Thanksgiving my guests were all raving about how good everything was...including my mom who wasn't sure any of it would come out right since I wasn't following her recipes. I knew it would all be fine.

3. I like for people to like my cooking. So I'm happy to cook. But I do still get all majorly stressed out about it. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who can tell I'm stressed and he tries really hard to help out when he can. He'll clean the rooms he knows I wanted to get clean (they aren't as clean as I would do them but since I'm already stressed, I'll take the help!) and he'll set the table and he always helps do the dishes...and sometimes he'll even rub my shoulders while I'm slavin away.

4. I like most mammals. I'm not a huge fan of snakes or birds but I will tollerate them pretty well. I love my dog and rabbits...even though my rabbits would rather that we just send down food and water and leave them entirely alone, I still love them. My dog would love to live in my lap...but unfortunately she is way too big and stinky to be a lap dog.

5. I do not like to go fast. so I'm not a skiier. In fact the last time I went skiing (I think it might have been in 1994) the place we went to was getting very crowded and the slope was getting icy (the sun had been out and now the wind was picking up.) So on my last run I get off the ski lift and start down the hill only to notice that there's no place for me to zig zag to help slow me down. there's only a path straight down the hill! I'm trying to slow down but there's always someone in the way. So I'm almost at the bottom of the hill and people are watching me come down the hill way too fast and are even saying "she should slow down" but they aren't moving out of the way. Finally I find a spot that isn't full of's the pile of snow from the parking lot that they pushed behind the gift shop. I was able to slide into it (it was very hard snow by the way) but I managed to stop before creating a new door for the gift shop. After I stopped, I got out of my skis (if they weren't already disconnected from my feet...I don't remember!) and carried my skis to the rental return and quit forever! Now unless someone is willing to get me lessons, I won't ever go skiing again.

6. I'm cookie director for Darly's Girl Scout troop again. I just went to training tonight...not that I really needed the training, but it was nice to get our packets and meet the lady I've been emailing for a while. Cookie sales for our area do not begin until Jan 11th, so I can't take your orders until then and orders over the internet are not allowed. K?

7. I'm glad to be almost done with this as I'm running out of good stuff to tell you. I like to read...a lot. That's why blogging is so much fun cuz I get to read all your wonderful thoughts. I try to think wonderful thoughts, witty thoughts, thoughts...whatever. Reading is fun! Did anyone besides me cringe when the kids on Kid Nation all were yelling how much they hated reading?

8. I am lazy. nuf said


  1. I literally LOL'ed at #5... first because I love going fast and second because you will never catch me on them suckers... ever ever ever... that is too freaky to me. It doesn't look like you have any control! And I would be FREAKED to make that new door to the gift shop ;) LOL

    AND How can any homeschooled parent REALLY be lazy? Ha! ;)

  2. I will have to seriously smack the person who matched up rabbits & eggs when I get to heaven...if I get to heaven with that kind of attitude


    Your second half to that question stole my question ;-)

    And... you can't tell me you think you know who objected and not say who! That's mean! :-P

  3. I don't know why in the world you think you're lazy. Maybe you need to go back and read some of your own posts! :~)

    Also, I've been skiing twice and your experience with trying to stop reminds me why I've never gone again!!!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post. I used to ski, but I never wanted to go fast or challenge myself, so I never got better. Now I'm afraid I will break something if I go again...and did I mention that DH want to go skiing in January? bleech! As far as you being the cookie chair...ARE YOU CRAZY????? One of these days, you will learn to say 'no'. And by the way...there is nothing lazy about don't have one lazy bone in your body!

  5. oh, Renee, so sorry to hear about that scary icy slope! I am busy packing...because we are going skiing :)
    I am only fast if I am following my boys when I don't want to get lost, lol. Otherwise I just enjoy peaceful skiing down the slope.

    I don't think you are lazy!! I get tired just reading about your busy life!!

    Wishing you a peaceful and merry Xmas to you and yours! and a happy new year too :)