Friday, December 14, 2007

Not much of anything to report

I haven't been doing much of anything lately...kinda just slobbing out. I'm sure that I'm driving my mom totally nuts...she's brought up how busy she used to be when she was my age...actually she was much younger when she did all of this, she's going off DD's age. LOL Oh well.

Yesterday after much pestering by Mom we went grocery shopping (I still had plenty of food in the frig but we were out of her english muffins and low on milk. Oh yes, we were low on mayonaise too...she's gone through a quart sized jar in a family doesn't use up a pint sized jar in 6 months!)

So since they had ham on sale I went to get that and Mom is requesting the entire Christmas dinner fixins. We have an ENTIRE week before I need to go and buy all of that...I was just getting the ham now because it was on sale now (the stores do this in hopes that you buy the entire meal now and then have to buy more next week cuz you ate it all and Mom is playing RIGHT into their hands!) Anyway she was like a kid in the candy store. "can we get this?" "can we make that?" She even requested that we get cabbage to have with the pork roast that I'm making this week...ummm I don't like cabbage that much! and I know the rest of my family won't eat it. So No I won't be buying cabbage.

Then I totally spaced out that we needed to stop at the pharmacy to pick up her medication and we were like 2 blocks from home before she reminded me...great! we swing back for her pills and then Darly wants to play with the toys at the pharmacy...ummm why does the pharmacy sell toys?

We're home and it's snowing...again. Luckily it's not coming down too hard. I would go shovel it, but then the new stuff would freeze and stick to the for now I'm letting the snow blanket the drive and keep it "warm" so we don't get ice. The sun looks like it might be coming out though...might be time to poor back!


  1. Breathe in and breathe out. When is your mom leaving? lol At least she reminded you about her medication before you got out of the car and into your house.

  2. That happens to me when I take myself shopping. So I try and leave me at home. LOL

    I love the pictures of your house. It is beautiful!

    I hopped over here from my aunt's blog. (Woodstone Prairie) At homeschool I am Javabean.

  3. I didn't realize there was a system on how to deal with snow fall. So much to learn!

    I really want to check out that ornament store. I've been looking for a frosted candy garland but can't find it anywhere!

    An Island Life