Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Loot report...

Here's what everyone got...

American Girl Nicki doll with accessories.
Groovy Girl Kiri - the Girl Scout doll
Webkinz shirt & pants for the webkinz
Webkinz Brown Arabian
Webkinz German Shepherd
Webkinz lil Hippo
Webkinz Black Cat - the seasonal Halloween one
Webkinz Reindeer - the seasonal Christmas one
Manicure set
Only Hearts Club Melody
Only Hearts Club Chocolate
Roctober t-shirt (for the Rockies!)

Trip to Las Vegas - to escape the MIL!
512mb MP3 player - he's been wanting one for a while but not really sure that he needed it. So I found this one on clearance and figured it would give him enough of a taste to see if we really need to get a real one. BTW this is the first MP3 player to grace our home.
2007 Mint Proof Set - it's a set of coins from the Denver Mint of each of the coins they Mint there for this year. These coins are polished and never touched by human hands and then sealed in a plastic case.
Rockies National Champion t-shirt
Battery for our VHS camcorder - now that everyone else has gone digital it's hard to find the batteries for the old stuff!
Battery for his watch - I bought him this watch for our first anniversary. DH "lost" the watch when he went out of town once and it was missing for 6 months to a long that I bought him another watch that unfortunately he didn't like. Then he found his old watch, but the battery had long since gone dead and since he had the new watch we didn't bother to go replace the battery. I got the battery and wrapped the old watch in a new watch box...he was shocked when he opened it.
socks & t-shirts for him to wear at work.

and finally ME!:
bunny ornament from Heather!
bunny ornament (a Radko) from SIL. (Heather's bunny was cuter!)
2 bunny statues from DH & Darly.
Oxo Food Mill - yay! Now I can make mashed potatoes smooth enough for miss picky!
Globe paperweight - DH got this while he was in Vegas. Each of the continents is formed from a semi-precious stone that is from that area. Like I said bunny...not cute! He needs to really STOP buying me stuff I can't return.

WE all had a very nice Christmas...although it was very hard to get into Webkinz world yesterday to claim our Christmas present and register all of Darly's new pets. Webkinz needs to get some new servers!

Oh and we have TONS of left-overs from our Christmas Eve dinner...anyone wanna come help eat this stuff?


  1. I gotta admit, your list is pretty short while the others are fairly long. Hmmm.

  2. Yes please Miss Renee - I would like some leftovers! - Miles

  3. Boy, looks like Santa thought you guys were extra good this year!

    We're supposed to go to the inlaws this weekend in Maui. Maybe I'll go to Vegas instead! hee hee

    An Island Life

  4. Why did Santa bring so much to Darly and DH...and not much to you? Better have a talk with Santa for next year:~) I'd come over for leftovers, but I'm afraid to drive in the snow. (I've done it but I don't like it)

  5. That's a lot of Webkinz!

  6. Congrats on your goodies! Oh...and what time are you serving those yummy leftovers???

  7. That sounds cool!

    I got a purse from my inlaws, and a cool notebook with a shoulder strap that I picked out and Davin wrapped for me :-) The kids got more stuff than any mortal deserves, with more to come!

  8. Everyone did SO well!! Can I come help you with those leftovers?? ;)