Tuesday, October 28, 2008

30 Days to Natural

I try really hard to not be wasteful. I bought dishcloths to use in my kitchen instead of relying on paper towels…and I use them. I could probably use a hamper of sorts in the kitchen though so I use the dishcloths on greasy messes instead of grabbing the towels. sigh

I can brag that I’m very good about using my cloth grocery bags. I started collecting my bags a few years ago and have slowly worked my way up to 10 bags. And I remember to use them…even though it annoys one of the baggers at my grocery store because not all of my bags stand up on their own. I’m not concerned. I should keep my bags in the car though so I can use them at more than just my grocery store…I know Wallyworld & Tspot won’t mind. ;)

I recycle. We have a bin in the kitchen to put stuff that we can recycle. Dh carries it to work because while we have curbside recycling, neither of us can remember which trash days are recycle days. But we are recycling. We both ponder why we can’t recycle more.

Darly does her part too…she is constantly reusing stuff. Of course it’s annoying to me that she takes something that is destined for the trash, turns it into something that doesn’t look too much different than it did before and she saves it because it’s now art. Oh well.

I'd like to do more - as I'm sure all of us would.

Mom Central has teamed up with Clorox and GreenWorks to promote a healthy cleaning lifestyle. Check out the website!

They have daily tips on how to be a little bit greener. The tips can be delivered directly to your inbox every morning if you choose. I just signed up today for my tips, so I’ll have to keep you posted.

There are videos - they are following 3 women for 30 days as they try to green up their homes and their lives. The women are average every day people. The videos are real. I enjoyed watching them and I think you will, too!

I don't like harsh chemicals or the residue that some of them leave behind. DH hates the smell of harsh chemicals. The new Greenworks cleaners are terrific. I tried the all purpose cleaner. It smells so great and is as good as any of the others I've used, and it's natural! My stain prone kitchen counter tops have never looked better!

All of the GreenWorks products were developed using natural biodegradable ingredients that are free from petrochemicals. They were blind tested against the leading conventional cleaners. They clean as well or better - I'm not surprised!

I’m going to have to try out some of the other products too. DH will be thrilled to watch me cleaning.
Maybe I can be greener 30 days from now, too!


  1. I use cloth bags and reusable large bags to go grocery shopping...but I love paper towels, I try to use only one sheet at a time, though, and not very often. I recycle whatever can be recycled!!

  2. Good for you! Even just doing one or two small things helps in the long run, you know?

  3. Here's my first tip of the day:

    Here's your natural tip of the day:

    Stoke a green fire. Enjoy a cozy fire, but make sure it burns cleanly by using artificial logs made of wood only. Avoid those that contain paraffin, a petroleum-based by-product.

    hummm... well here in CO they decided a while back that they weren't going to allow natural fires (too much smog) so while older homes have fireplaces, the rest of us have a gas log fireplace. So no buring green logs for me. I do love a fire when we're camping though...but DH complains cuz we stink of smoke. ha ha!
    Good thing about the gas fireplace: It's easy to light (flip a switch!) and no clean up...well except to vacuume the dust.

  4. I don't like to use any cleaning products... just hot water and some elbow grease.