Monday, October 13, 2008


Today is Columbus Day and so for most folks that means absolutely nothing... for me it means that my DH is home from work... and since I forgot about it... I have no groceries! :p  Shoot, Columbus day isn't even listed as the most imporant thing on my calendar today...

Thanksgiving Day
Action de grace (CAN)
Columbus Day (US)
Health & Sports Day (JP)

How's a gal supposed to remember a holiday when it's hidden like that???

But that's not the LOL part.

Here's the LOL part and it may take me a bit to get to hang in there...

DH's Brother & Sister are flying to Denver today for his promotion ceremony tomorrow.  Dh is on his way to the airport now to pick them up.  DH took my cell phone so they can call each other to meet up.  I spent a bit of time this morning showing DH how to use my phone cuz I have it set up for the key lock and BIL's phone number is stored in my call list (course DH tells me he won't use my call list...he'll just plug in the I teach him how to make the call that way.)  DH puts the phone in his pocket and he's on his way...

My cell phone is a Tracfone.  It's a pay as you go service.  However, I got annoyed with having to buy more service each month (I had to log into their website and purchase the service with was a pain!)  So I set up my account for a plan that automatically gives me more service each month and charges it to my credit card...I know it sounds almost like a regular cell phone, huh?  and it sends me an email to let me know they did it.

I have my email account set up so it tells me when I get new emails while I'm online.  I was happily doing my usual morning internet routine when I get a ding that I have a new email from my cell phone company.

Okay folks... Here's what you've been waiting for...  the funny part...
Tracfone also sends me a text message when they've added more service to my phone...and of course that means that the phone beeps!  I didn't tell DH about this, cuz I didn't pay attention to when they would be adding more service to my phone.  So I picture him driving down the road to the airport and all the sudden the phone beeps at him!  LOL! 

I thought about calling him to let him know, but he would get annoyed with me to bug him with something so unimportant.  We'll see when he gets home how it all went.

I need to get my roots done (yes, I color my hair!) for the ceremony tomorrow.  But I'm torn.  I would really like to have my hair stylist do it, but seeing as I didn't call her two weeks ago for an appointment, I doubt that she can fit me in and I know she'll charge me a lot of money.  Or I could do the color myself, but I would like to do highlights too, and I worry that I might mess it up and then look funny tomorrow.  Perhaps I should just play it safe and just do the base color...then highlight it later.  Yeah, I think I'll do that.  sigh!


  1. That's cute :) Makes me think of how little my Mom knows about her cell phone and how I have to show her everything. I love it when she calls me and expects me to be able to tell her how to do anything with it... when we don't have the same phone. Not all cell phones are created equally, Mom! 8-)

    It's my S-I-L's birthday today and she's a birthday FREAK. All evening yesterday we kept hearing "It's my birthday tomorrow" but my Dad, brother and I kept pretending that Columbus Day means nothing, it's just a boring holiday, it's just another day, etc. I just her an e-mail wishing her a happy Columbus Day... even though I don't get why it's that important to her! ;-)

    I'm jealous of the companies we work with that have today off! I want random ridiculous holidays off! Hmph! *pout*

  2. P.S. That took me two times again. Why does your blog hate me so much?

  3. I want to be off today too. We should celebrate this day. It's the day America was discovered. HELLO it's an important day!

  4. There was less traffic on the road this honor of Columbus day (I presume). Hope the hair coloring went well. I would never have the guts to do it myself...not that I'm admitting to coloring my siree

  5. Congratulations on dh's promotion! I hope the ceremony goes well.

    So what did you decide to do about your hair?

    Do you want me to drop those cukes at your house?

  6. I hope it doesn't beep too much. He might get fed up and throw it out the window.

  7. Your post made me LOL. It's imperative that Rick and I have the same model cell phones because I'm always having to show him how to add contacts, make and answer calls, deal with voice mail etc. and I refuse to learn 2 different phones. So, whenever I get a new phone, he gets one too and he's stuck with my choice!

    So...what did you decide about coloring your hair? You're very brave to even think about doing some of it yourself. I'd be shaking in my boots if I tried my hand at it.

  8. Hahah beeping phones! Will have to hear the update on how he managed to take it!