Saturday, October 18, 2008

What a day!!!

hummm... as I was typing that title it showed up in the drop down apprently I've used it before.  Oh well!

I started out the day by waking up at 6:45am to use the restroom, then fretting in bed until 7:15 worried that I would fall asleep and not get up in time.  But I got up in time.

Darly had her make up gymnastics class this morning at 8:30am.  Normally Darly is still asleep at this hour...and if I can...I am too on a Saturday!  But that's when make up classes are scheduled, so that's where we were.
When we first arrived, Darly was the only one there.  WOO HOO!  A FREE PRIVATE LESSON!  but that wasn't to be. :o(  the other girls showed up...just late.  Hummm I don't see these girls getting very far if they can't make it to the gym on time (course that was their parent's fault not theirs really.) 
One of the "moms" was actually the step-mom and the coach who subbed Darly's class on Thursday.  I had a very interesting time talking to her...getting a bit of the inside scoop on our gym and another one.

On our way home we drove down a street that has been under construction to see how things were going.  It appears that they might be just about done...YAY!  It sure has been a pain with all the detours.
This route took me by our townhall.  Where they had two signs to remind me that today was the E-Cycling day and the other that I could turn in my mail-in ballot at townhall.

So I ran drove home and grabbed our old computer monitor and our ballots to go turn them both in.  I also decided to fill up my car with gas since I was out & about.

I get back to the E-Cycling drop off and find out that it will cost me $18 to recycle my monitor!  WHAT!  No one said anything about any charge on the signs.  I dig through my purse and I don't have that kind of money on me.  So I head to turn in my ballots.  NOPE!  Townhall is closed (even though the building was open!)  NOW I'm MAD!  Why didn't someone pull in the sign?

Off to get gas now...  And guess what?

yup, you guessed it...or something close.  The gas station was out of gas!  At least they aren't the only place in town that sells gas.  But I had to pay 3 cents more per gallon.  Oh well.

When I got home Darly was excited because since I wasn't able to recycle the monitor...we were now going to let her tear it apart.  And that's what we did.  That was interesting, trying to figure out what some of the parts did and salvaging the pretty rainbow colored wires.  While Darly & I tore apart the monitor, DH was cleaning the garage.  We got a lot of stuff thrown out...YAY!  We have a very long way to go though.

I also did some work in the garden and we put away the bbq grill for the season.

I hope dinner goes okay.


  1. Eighteen dollars to recycle a monitor? Good grief!

  2. I've never been anywhere that has run out of gas before. Guess I've been lucky.

  3. "Why couldn't you squeeze one of those stupid rubber balls to get your stress out?! Why did you have to destroy twenty-five computers?!!?"


  4. Oh, by the way, did you ever figure out your little three phrases game?

    Ask me! I wanna see if I know.

  5. Ha! I'm still laughing at your first sentence! ;) That WAS quite a day!!! Hopefully, you'll get a chance to put your feet up and chill out later!

  6. answers for Bone:

    The Unshushables

    The Pesto of Cities

    Double Dipping <- you got that one without even trying...right?

  7. Augh. No, I got "the pesto of cities." I couldn't think of anything for the funeral one. And I thought Jerry was the one who used Unshushables.

  8. Wow ran out of gas? That's crazy. 3 cents more though .. the thing is if you paid for 10 gallons that's only 30 cents more, so it's really not as much as it seems. :)

    Sounds cool about taking apart the monitor!

  9. Tearing apart a monitor sounds like fun. Getting up for anything non-liefthreatening at 8:30am on a Saturday doesn't...

  10. I've never even thought to take apart our old monitor. I like that Darly is curious about how things work.

  11. wow, are there still places running out of gas? weird. Hopefully, there won't be any more "What a day" posts. ;)