Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No longer a major pain...

Today DH got promoted.  It was a nice ceremony and it all went off very well (I found out why later!)

I did end up coloring my own hair yesterday for the ceremony and it turned out just fine.  Darly said she only noticed that I had colored it because she couldn't see my roots... PERFECT!  That's just what I wanted.

I decided to wear a very cute pair of shoes for the ceremony...but I know they aren't "standing shoes", so I wore my fake crocks for driving.  I ended up taking my painfulcute shoes off during the reception.  LOL!

I had asked DH to find out how we were supposed to get onto the base...he never did.  He just told me to try the gate and if I needed something else they would send me to the visitor's center.  GRRR!  I get there with MIL, BIL & SIL in the car with me, and I notice what level we are at and think, oh I shouldn't have any problem... but NO GO!  AND they took my ID card (AGAIN! grrr!)  They made me go to the visitor's center, but since the road is being torn up that was fun.  We had to wait, of course (so glad I was wayyy early) and then the guy fills out our visitor's form which luckily I was able to do with just my ID (the guard gave it back to me...whew!)  However since my ID has DH's old level on it, I now have an invalid ID cuz DH got promoted.  sigh  another trip to the base to get a new one...but Darly needs one too now.

So we get to DH's office.  He isn't there and I'm wearing my cutepainful shoes.  DH has 3 chairs in his office and we were a party of 5.  I shared a chair with Darly, & BIL stood.  Two of DH's bosses came in while we were waiting...one actually "pumped" us for info to use in his speach for the ceremony!  He got a good joke from me to use.

The ceremony went well, but the guy taking pictures had the battery go dead while he was shooting the ceremony.  He missed me pinning on DH's new rank.  DH tells me as I'm doing the pinning that it's a race between me & his boss.  great... I was having trouble with one of the pins.

DH got blubbery during the speach and skipped over most of what he planned to say about me & Darly.  Turns out that he was too emotional to say all of it...I should ask for his notes.  hee hee

And when it came time for the reception, he mentioned cake...we were expecting cake.  But NO CAKE!  Apparently there was a misscommunication about who was supposed to go buy the cake and instead of figuring this out, no one got the cake.  sigh!  I really wanted cake.  I told DH to go to work tomorrow and tell them all that I'm really mad cuz there was no cake!

DH says he probably should have gotten the cake himself. He had to write the entire ceremony himself.  Luckily he had enough ice cream & other goodies.  I told him that it appeared that there were a lot of folks who were just there for the food, but he said that no, most were folks he actually worked with. 

After the reception, I crammed my feet back into the cutepainful shoes and we headed ... for a tour of his office for his brother & sister.  ARGH!  Just what my poor feet didn't need.

Finally we were on our way to go out for dinner.  I changed back into my very ugly fake crocks to drive and decided to just keep them on at the restaurant cuz, who's gonna look under the table at my feet?  Dinner was very good.  And I'm stuffed & tired.  but I still want some cake. ;o) 


  1. I'm glad the promotion ceremony went well (well, except for there being no cake!). It sounds like a good day, and yes... you will have to get your dh's speech notes and find out what he was too choked up to say.

  2. I baked cake for my SIL's birthday on Monday. If you'd been in town, you could have had some with Jacy & I :) (Hunter, for some strange reason, decided he didn't want any. Weird.)

  3. YAY! That worked perfectly! Thank you! :-D

  4. Congratulations to your DH. Why is it that cute shoes are so often painful...and the 'ugly' ones are so darn comfortable?

  5. Congrats to DH!! That's awesome :D

    I hunt and hunt for pretty comfy shoes... and when I find em I wear the crap outta em ;)

  6. one thing the military does great is their ceremonies. They are so pomp and circumstance and pretty. :) (I'm sure the military guys won't like my "pretty" adjective.)

  7. Ahh that's so sweet. He got emotional.
    Sorry about the cake. What a let down, but congrats to the hubby!

    I'm happy your hair turned out good. What color? Blonde?