Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend update with some extra stuff thrown in

hey all. I bet you've been wondering what all has been going on at "Chez Renee"...right? NO? oh,'re getting it anyway.

I'm gonna start with the extra stuff cuz it's more interesting.

On Wednesday we went to see Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr. It is a musical put on by Christian Youth Theater and seeing as they were showing it right down the road from my house, How could I not go? Besides we LOVE Schoolhouse Rock.

You know Schoolhouse Rock...right?

"It's Schoolhouse Rocky,
a chip off the block
of your favorite Schoolhouse,
Schoolhouse ROCK!"

I have to say that if you every get a chance to see this and you love the Schoolhouse Rock songs...then you should GO! This was so much fun! Darly especially loved the opening where the main character kept crossing the stage and after tripping over his TV remote the first time, makes a point to avoid it (while it's still on the floor) for the rest of the scene. Very funny...worth the trip!

Then on Friday we went to STEMpalooza This was a convention of all sorts of booths that had to do with Science, Technology, Engineering or Math. Unfortunately, I was drawn in by the advertisement of getting a free patch for Darly's Girl Scout uniform. If I had known that the patch was UGLY! we would have waited to go on Saturday where my friend said it was much less crowded. I don't know how many school groups were there, but the place was over packed with very pushy, rude kids. It seemed that everytime Darly got up to a booth to try something about 10 kids would come up and push their way in front of her. I also learned after we went how to do the entire trip for much less money. The event itself was free, however, the convention center charges $10 for parking (which is the norm for most downtown parking places). A friend later told me that I could have parked a few blocks away for only $5 and taken a free bus that stops about a block away. sigh! Well hopefully they do this next year, then we'll know to go on Saturday! Another bummer was the booths for local colleges that didn't bring anything but info on the college. They were just sitting there as most of the audience were middle school kids.

Some highlights of the trip were: The booth from our Zoo. Darly got to see a Prairie Dog up close and we got to watch as a stupid school kid fed his finger to her! Luckily the prairie dog didn't get a good chomp on the finger. Getting to make a video email of ourselves and sending a copy home. Playing with a static generator and me standing too close to the table and getting the static to discharge into the table skirt from my feet!!! (that hurt actually!) Darly answering loads of questions correctly (she didn't care for that part, but it made me feel good!) Free DVDs, tree seeds and a balloon rocket kit.

Saturday...hummm what did we do on Saturday? I don't remember a whole lot ... oh wait, now it's coming back to me. I made my brined chicken...So I started it around noon and while I was waiting on it, I went through Darly's Girl Scout badge book to see what badges she might have earned at the STEMpalooza.

Sunday was Church of course. First was Sunday School. We were notified earlier in the week that there would be a fire drill, so I didn't plan a whole lot of lesson. We managed to zip right through one lesson activity before the fire drill began...and then because it was pretty cold outside and our director had worn a very short skirt (hummm I guess she didn't get the message about the fire drill?) she sent us back inside very quickly. So I had to figure out more lesson to do. And as we were reading the Bible story one of the moms came to get her son because his older brother was getting confirmed. DH had to usher for our service and as I mentioned in that last sentence it was Confirmation Sunday. We had 32 kids get Confirmed! And the place was PACKED! Darly & I found two seats together but unfortunately they were right in front of the AC vent...burrr! The warmer seats up front were already all taken.

After Church we headed over to MIL's house to rake her yard. A very good thing because they had some high winds that dumped almost all of her neighbor's leaves in her yard. Luckily it doesn't look like the neighbor has that many more leaves to blow over into MIL's yard. Unfortunately, MIL's tree is the last one on the block to drop it's leaves (yesterday most of the leaves were still light green!) so when I go there this Sunday there should be a ton more leaves to rake up...sigh! Maybe I'll get my arms all pumped up!

Today should be a quiet day...Maybe I should sort out my office...or maybe not. ;)


  1. crappy formatting! >:(

  2. Don't worry: blogger tends to hate me when it comes to formatting too :)

    32 kids?!?! That's more than I graduated high school with!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love Schoolhouse Rock. The musical sounds really fun! What a fun thing to do this weekend.

    I will take many pictures for you while I'm in Japan!

  4. who knew prairie dogs were so vicious! ah, the days of school house rock... :)

  5. Schoolhouse rock sounds fun :)

  6. Hi Renee, Can you tell me more about your Sunday School lessons? I've been asked to get an older kids class going as the church my mom attends has no one to teach that age group. I go to a different church but her church is a nice one and I'd be more interested if we could get the older kids attending.

  7. I hope there weren't any monkeys at the zoo booth. Sometimes they throw banana peels at people.

  8. My son's middle school did School House Rocks last March, I'm still singing the songs. It was a great show.