Thursday, October 16, 2008

oh goodie!!!

I'm still working on getting all the plans together for our trip to California (mostly Disneyland) here soon. And while I wanted DH to get the reservation for our car rental, I suppose it's better that I did it...although he drove me crazy about it!!!

See DH will be in CA for work the week before we go out there. He will be renting a lot of cars for work while he's there. So I figured that he might be able to swing a good deal if he just went through the same car rental company...see they would see that he's renting like 6 vehicles for work and then wants a vehicle for himself afterward. But DH didn't want to do that and seeing how things have been working lately I can understand why...he's busy and trying to get anything done through work has been maddening!

So I looked up the car rates through one of the companies that we use. We aren't frequent travelers so we don't have any of those frequent rental accounts. However, since DH is in the military we have a few accounts through a company that sells all sorts of products at a group rate for the military. We have a few insurance and retirement things through them.

The also offer discounts for things like buying jewelry, flowers and car rental (I don't get the connection either! But I don't question it.) They have 3 car rental companies to choose from...they're major car rental companies and they have agreements with them for things like Free Second Driver, insurance coverage and no loss of use charges for cars that need repairs. cool!

I checked all 3 of the companies and found that the one would be able to get us a Ford Escape for a really good deal. But I couldn't book it cuz DH still didn't have his travel plans layed out...cuz it had to be booked through work. sigh... So I sat & I waited.

Back up a bit...
First I looked at prices for DH to rent the car and return it to the airport that he will be flying into.

Then DH says that I should check the prices for pick up at where he's flying into and drop off at the airport that Darly & I are flying out of cuz he'll see if he can fly out of the same airport. I do and it's the same price. but I still couldn't book the car cuz he didn't have his flight info yet. grrr

I kept checking the rates and was amazed that it was holding. I thought for sure it would be gone by the time DH finally got his flights booked.

So today Dh emails me to check the car rental to pick up at the town he'll actually be working in and book whatever price was cheaper. I emailed back to verify this as I had no idea how he would get to the car rental after he dropped off he cars at the airport location. He says they're renting some from each location.

So I check and from the town and nope, they don't have my deal...AND it looks like my deal isn't at the airport location anymore. Wahhhhh!

But still not giving up, I back up and type in to book at the airport again...and low and deal is still there!!! YIPPEE!!! I booked that sucker before it disappeared again!

DH was away from his desk as I did this and now he's catching up on the 5 or so emails that I sent him. I just replied to his answer to one of them telling him that he's replying to old emails and he writes back "Who you calling old?" I reply "you of course!" hee hee (he's 4 years older than me...but acts much younger most of the time.)


  1. I want to go!!!!

    Of course, there are a lot of places I want to go. Anywhere but here (and Kentucky) would pretty much sum it up.

  2. They say that vacations are supposed to be relaxing...obviously "They" aren't the ones trying to coordinate all the 'stuff'. Good for you that you stuck to it and got the deal that you wanted : ) Yeah!

  3. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Glad you made a good deal!!

  4. I want to go too! Do you have roon for TC and I? I promise we don't take up much room. You won't even notice we're there. HAHA!

  5. I agree with OK Chick! I think the two of us could occupy ourselves JUST fine! :-D

    We'll be perfect little angels, you'll see O:)

  6. glad you were able to re-find the deal! :) you guys are going to have a blast! i heart the mouse! :) happy weekend!

  7. I love California.

  8. But the reservation keeps the car there. That's why you have the reservation. Anyone can just take the reservation. But apparently, they don't know how to hold the reservation. And that's really the most important part of the reservation.