Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The List

Things I've gotta get done this week...

DONE: buy halloween make-up
DONE: buy pumpkin carving kit (cuz Darly has broke too many of our old kit's saws)
DONE: buy spice cake mix for pumpkin muffins
DONE: buy leave in conditioner for my hair
DONE: buy earplanes
make pumpkin spice muffins
make mouse ears & tail for Darly's costume
make bag for Darly's dolls to travel in that looks like the one from American Girl!

Carve Pumpkins
find earplanes in child size for Darly
Print out stuff for trip
pack for trip
give dog bath
find stuff for Sunday School class skit
plan the rest of Sunday School lesson
take dog to MIL's

get off this computer!


  1. It looks like you're working through your to-do list quickly. Getting ready to go out of town is hard isn't it? I always end up making endless lists of things to do, and working working my way through them. When do you leave??

  2. ROFL at the last one.

    I bet that was the hardest to do, no? :)