Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All's Well that Ends Well...

It is just nerve wracking getting to the end point!!!

Back in mid-January I had arranged for a group of us homeschoolers to go Ice Skating at our local college's ice rink. I had called up and spoke to a woman about getting a date for this because they don't normally post their schedules that far in advance. Because we were planning to come on a Public Skate day the gal didn't take my contact info.

Today was the day for the skating. I emailed folks last Friday to remind them and begged that if they knew they couldn't come to let me know because we needed 15 folks to get our group discount and we were pretty close...loss of one family could ruin everything!

This morning I check my email and there isn't anything there. But then I see on Facebook that one of the families is sick. YIKES!!! So I start scrambling trying to round up skating bodies. A bit later I get a call and an email from one of the other gals...her friend decided to punish her kids by taking away the skating trip!!!! WHAT???? How could she do this??? Luckily I don't know this lady.

I managed to round up another 4 people and the lady with the friend who bailed out found another friend who would bring another 3 folks...so we were good.

We get to the rink and I go to check in with the desk...and the gal tells me that they don't have public skating today. They've scheduled hockey practice in that rink instead. Excuse me? So the gal at the desk starts calling around for someone to figure this all out...I head to the bathroom.

After I get back and a few minutes, (I sent all the kids outside to play so they wouldn't be terrorizing the place) a lady shows up. The desk gal tells her what I told her which is everything in the first paragraph up there and low and behold...SHE IS THE PERSON I TALKED TO!!! And even better she remembers the conversation we had.

She appologizes for the confusion and calls over to the other rink since we can't use the one being used for hockey (they'll clobber us!) She says that if there isn't any problem with the ice then we can skate there. It ends up taking another 20 min, but YES we can skate on the other rink...we just need to be out of there by 2pm.

No problem!

So I pay the gal, my group gets rental skates and we're good to go!

I'm now getting to know my way around the college's athletic center way to well! LOL! But we got to skate. Woo hoo! And I even made some new friends (kid sized friends. One girl decided to hold my hand and talk my ear off while we skated.)

After skating we went to lunch with a friend...I should have had another cup of soup though...cuz I got home and grabbed a bag of potatoe chips. :P

but it's all good. I'm gonna go work out and take care of that.


  1. Wait... wasn't skating exercise?

  2. I figured it was later when I had sat at the computer and didn't move. :p LOL!

  3. Hehhe life is always an adventure right ;)

  4. nothing wrong with potato chips every now and then... :)

  5. Now that is a story to put my teeth on edge...you are a brave woman taking all those little ones skating. Well done, you survived the whole thing.
    And no that Harley is not mine and never will be.
    But I was very excited to find it parked on a street as I was driving home. I stopped and took a number of shots and those you saw were what I liked the most. Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Seriously, ice skating is excercise. Your good.
    So what's new in your world? You need to update.

  7. The ice skating sounds like fun! I think I'll have to set something like that up for my homeschool group too! (www.familyfriendlyamerica.net)

  8. So I'm guessing you're better at skating than skiing? O:)