Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's only 1/2 over!!!

my crazay day...

get up, get coffee, check the computer for more crazainess to add to this mess!
find out that my copy of The List arrived! Woo hoo!
workout while reading my new a book that makes the time go fast and it does!
call up homeschooling co-horts to find out what all I need to bring to the party.
get Darly up
head to Target to pick up last minute items and
get lunch
arrive at party about 10 min late but I wasn't in trouble! hee hee
party until 2pm... okay folks it's time to leave!
deliver three cookie orders
deliver three bottles of lotion
deliver cookies for one gal that I goofed up on
oops! I forgot to gring another gal's cookies. good thing I'll see her tonight!
borrow two books for tonight
give mom form I forgot
drive home and look forward to a bit of peace and type up this post before it all starts again!

at 4:30 head over to cookie cupboard to pick up more cookies to fill extra orders
(hey we are now getting 2 cents more per box for the troop to keep for funding activities! YAY cuz one girl sold over 60 boxes so far. Darly is doing her part too, but her dad doesn't work at a place where everyone needs a sugar fix. LOL!)
depending on how long it takes to get the cookies tonight we'll grab dinner and either eat it there or take it home.
drive Darly to confirmation class tonight...gotta fill out her permission form
drive me to Girl Scout leader training
deliver the cookies that I forgot!

and that's it for tonight...I think! Boy I sure hope that I don't forget anything else.


  1. Oh dear, your day sounds like a list out of my diary...only different things to do. Why do you want the day to go faster? Mine go too fast, leaving me with unfinished tasks every day. I need more hours, or someone with a whip to keep me focused. That would be more like it.

    Thanks for visiting my Wordless Wednesday! :)

  2. i need to get to ordering my copy of carmen's book! lazy lazy virginia!

  3. that's one busy day. I'm glad my book helped some of it go a bit easier. I loved your comment about exercising over while reading. I hope that's a part of your Amazon review. ;) Ha ha.

  4. You define the term "Super Mom"! I can't imagine getting all that done in one would take me a day just to figure out how I was going to manage it all in a week!!!

  5. Hopefully you'll make it to the end of the week :D

  6. It's hard being the cookie lady. HOWEVER, it's an important job. Your check is in the mail.