Saturday, February 07, 2009

Crazy for cookies!!!

Do-Si-DoDulce De LecheLemon CremeSamoasSugar Free Chocolate ChipTagalongThin Mint

They're here!

My crazy day started off with me getting up at 7am and getting all my paperwork ready to go & pick up the cookies.

8:29 I arrive at the cookie pick up location. There were supposed to be 4 lines of cookie trailers, but I guess we didn't need that there was only one line. I got to wait behind someone who was picking up for two troops, who didn't have enough room for that many cookies! LOL! No big deal, by the time I got all my cookies it was only 2 minutes after my original pick up time of 8:40am.

8:46 or so I get back home and sweep out my garage to unload the cookies into it for sorting. I get everything ready to go by 9:10am, but I'm worried that moms will start showing up before 9:30.

Darly & I sort all the cookies into orders for each girl.

10am arrives and I still haven't seen or heard from any of the moms. So I dig out phone numbers and start calling. I still haven't heard from one mom, but 3 have decided to have me bring out the cookies when I'm going to be near their house. 3 came to get their cookies today.

It is now 2pm and all is calm. I wonder when that one mom will be looking for her the meeting yesterday she thought I would have them there. LOL!

oh and I've already had to start making plans to pick up more cookies... the fun begins!


  1. This post is kinda cruel...

  2. samoas rock my world! although here i think they refer to them as caramel delights. :)

  3. WOOO HOOO! It's Cookie Time!!!

    So I tried those new carmel things. GROSS. Make sure to tell Girl Scouts of America that they did not make a winner with that cookie.