Thursday, February 26, 2009

the update...

OK Chick has asked for an here it goes.

Today - I need to get some groceries (plan a menu first). I should see if I can get my dog groomed and Darly an eye appointment too. I need to work out and shower. DH would like for me to vacuume the house... we'll see how much of that gets done. And Darly has gymnastics this evening.

Yesterday - I worked out for 40 min and took Darly to go rock climbing at REI. If you click on that link you'll see a picture of the store on the righthand side. That HUGE glass window is where the rock climbing structure faces west and it gets VERY HOT in there! I forgot to bring a camera so I don't have pictures of Darly climbing (our friend let me use her camera but needs to find her USB cord). Darly "owned" the pinnacle (that's what the call the rock climbing structure). At one point one of the girls decided to time how quickly the two fastest kids could climb it...Darly did it in one minute 17 seconds! Thankfully the belayer allowed Darly to climb it a few more times than the rest of the kids. There were 8 kids climbing, 6 girls & 2 boys. The girls were all much better at climbing than the boys. We figured out quickly that the girls were better at using their legs to climb with when the boys insisted on using mostly their arms. Only one of the two boys ever made it to the top and the other one was very embarrassed that the girls were doing so much better than he was. The belayer was very impressed with Darly, he said she had good climbing form and was using her body correctly to get up. I had been calling Darly my little "Spider Woman" but the belayer called her a tree frog and I have to agree that the frog image fits her much better. Darly LOVES to climb! The Pinnacle has multiple routes for the climbers to take to the top and the kids were mostly using the easier route, but I suggested that Darly try the harder one that we had access to...telling her that if it was too difficult she could always go over to the easier route. Darly LOVED the harder one! The harder one had more of the natural looking holds instead of the obivious bolted on holds. If Darly got stuck, she would just run her hand along until she found someplace to hang on to. The belayer offered to let us moms climb too, but I know from my last climbing experience that while climbing up is no problem...I just cannot give up control to the belayer to bring me down. So I declined the climb...but I did sneak up a bit on the other side of the pinnacle with no harness or ropes. Darly of course went up higher than I did. LOL!

Yesterday of course was Ash Wednesday and since there was no Confirmation Class we decided to stay home as we aren't particularly fond of the imposition of ashes part of the service. We'll be there for the entire Holy Week.

Tuesday (24th) was the day we went ice skating. See how that went here. We had lunch with a friend and then got ready for gymnastics class. Darly did very well and had a good time. I don't think that she tried any new skills, but she did get almost vertical on the handstand bar top picture. I need to remember to tell her about the back walkover on the beam that another girl was doing...Darly could so totally do it if she tried.

Monday (23rd) we had nothing scheduled, but we went to pick up Darly's friend to spend the night with us so she could come ice skating with us on Tuesday. I had agreed with friend's mom that I would be over after lunch to get her. Both girls were beside themselves with excitement for this play time. Friend is in Darly's girl scout troop and she lives very close to another girl in our troop. So I asked Friend's mom if it would be okay for the other girl's mom to come and get something she needed from Friend's mom instead of either of us having to drive the entire distance. Here's what happened with that!
The back of her shirt reads I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile. and yes for even me the front of the shirt makes me do a double take...and I KNOW her. hee hee

Sunday (22) was the usual. We went to Church and tried to deliver Girl Scout cookies. But when we got there to set up in the Fellowship hall we were suprised to find that the hall had been transformed to get ready for the youth group's fundraiser and that folks weren't going in there except to buy tickets for the event. Well that wasn't going to work for the cookie thing. They had set up fellowship in the narthex and so we had to set up our cookie delivery in the narthex as well. DH & I were both NOT happy with that as we both had visions of Jesus turning over tables in the temple. But what else could we do? We did end up selling about 10 extra boxes and had one nice lady who wanted to buy cookies but wanted the sugar free ones that I chose to NOT have any of because they don't sell and we can't give them back.

Saturday Dh went into work to try and get this project done. He is reviewing proposals for some work on the base. He had 13 proposals to review, but during the week even though he closes his door folks keep inturupting him. It seems to me that closing his door makes them come to bug him more. Perhaps he should just leave it open. hummm We joked that I should make him up a nice sign that reads Colonel is busy. Do not enter unless it is REALLY important or you outrank me. which would be really funny because DH currently outranks his boss (it's a time in the service thing and dh didn't want his boss' job.) He got 4 finished. Part of the problem is that if someone comes in, DH has to make sure that they do not read any of the proposals which he has spread out all over his desk. What a headache!

Friday (20th) we went to our Girl Scout meeting. We had a guest speaker from the Wings over the Rockies museum who came to talk to us about Women in Aviation. It was a facinating presentation and I was so proud of our girls who all listened patiently (even the ones who usually insist that they need to say something RIGHT NOW!) Our speaker said that our girls were the best group he's ever had. That's right we had a man come to talk to us about Women in Aviation. LOL! But it was very educational and interesting to learn that the Russians had less of a problem with women flying than the US did. The Germans were very upset that their fighter pilots were being shot down by Russian women. LOL! GO GIRLS!

Thursday (19th) I worked the cookie cupboard that morning and learned that when the cupboard got the cookie refill order they sent this very old guy to deliver the cookies. He gets there and tells Lynn that he hopes she has about 5 hours cuz that's how long it will take him to unload the 700 cases of cookies she has ordered. Lynn doesn't have the time or the patience to wait on this old guy who was moving like the Tim Conway character who shuffles along. He was only loading his dolly with 5 cases at a time. So she called up a few GS Leaders that she knows and they got the truck unloaded in an hour! The old guy says "Wow! You girls are fast!" One of the gals she called regularly lifts 6 cases of cookies with no dolly.
Darly had gymnastics that evening.

Wednesday (18th) Darly went to a tea party. While she was there I went in search of a Wells Fargo bank to deposit cookie money into. We looked up locations close to the tea party online. One is just a few blocks away so I drive over only to find that it isn't a Wells's a Wacovia! and while Wells HAS bought them out, the transfer won't be done for another year and they can't take my deposit. grrr! She sends me about a mile away to another branch...that turns out to also be a Wacovia!!! WHAT??? so I drive back to the tea party and we look up online and pay better attention to the page...yes it did have that location marked as a Wacovia (Wells must have been excited about the buy out!) but we find a Wells branch that is close, call them to be sure it's a Wells and I get my deposit done.

That evening Darly had her Confirmation Youth Mentor kick off meeting. They did an ice breaker and went over what is expected of the youth and the mentors, afterward was a service that Darly & I decided to we went home to have cookies.

and that brings us to the 17th...the date of my last update. LOL! I hope I didn't bore you too much with all of this. :D


  1. Wow. WOW. I need a nap now! That's a busy life! How do you find time to facebook?!?! ;)

    I wish I was good at rockclimbing: good for Darly! I think she should maybe consider that as her next/new sport!

  2. I've never done rockclimbing. Guy #3 wanted to take me and I said no. I'm scared. I'm afraid I won't be able to do it, and I'll look silly. I'm also afraid that my butt will look big. Don't laugh I'm serious!

    I need to buy groceries too. I'm doing it this weekend. I need to make a menu as well.

  3. Wow, I am impressed that you can remember what you did last week. Or even yesterday for that matter :)

    I was wondering where you were. I mean, I'm used to you forsaking us here in the blogosphere. But I didn't see you on Facebook, either!

    I have planned a group ice skating excursion for Saturday night. It's my first time skating since last year's Valentine Date Skate. And that was my first time since the mid-90's.

  4. Oh, my, I need a nap now! hope your week ahead is not as busy...