Monday, February 02, 2009

who lotta nuttin going on

where am I and what have I been doing? I don't know really. I know that TC will spill and tell you that I've been on facebook all this time ignoring you...and she's partially right.

I did start a pretty bad facebook habbit... but I can break it. I know I can!

I had to help Darly with her Girl Scout cookie sale. She's doing pretty well so far. We even managed to sell most of the 25 extra boxes that I ordered so she could get the one prize that she wanted. I don't doubt that we'll have the rest gone's amazing how quickly those cookies can go when people see them.

I was also busy with my homeschool group's co-op. Thank goodness my co-leaders agreed to allow me to hand off most of the work back to the folks participating in the co-op. The previous co-op director used to do just about everything and really made it a much harder job than it has to be. Now I just have to approve access to the board. Much more simple! What's uber-cool is how much the folks like my way better. ;0) I think we had something like 60 classes offered this co-op. These folks are amazing and I can't wait for classes to start.

There's been the fun of dealing with MIL. I don't know what all for sure my SIL & BIL have been doing, but it sure making MIL angry.

There was the waterheater fun. We THINK we have that all sorted out now. Actually DH did most of the work. Oh we still have to get the old waterheater up out of the basement and out to the trash by Wednesday. DH assures me that this waterheater weighs much less than the old one. hummm this one still has sludge in it. :p

Saturday night we went to the Observatory in hopes of seeing the Orion Nebula...but our hopes were dashed when we got there to see very thick cloud cover. We were able to see the moon peeking out and one of the guys focused his very powerful binoculars on it. That was pretty cool to be able to see it that well. One of the kids with us didn't want to check it out and it wasn't until I told her that she would be able to see the caters on the moon that she took a look... I hope she was happy that I talked her into it. I have to say that the renovations that they've been doing at the observatory look great! and it was so nice to huddle next to the radiator...I want radiators for my house! toasty!

that's about it. I need to call the dairy and let them know the eggs I requested have two cracked ones in it. sigh


  1. I can see the moon and I don't even have to go to an Observatory :)

    By the way, through a certain connection, I've been able to locate some black market Girl Scout cookies here in northern Alabama.

  2. Moi?!?!?! Rat you out?!?! Would I do something like that?!?! O:-)

    Mmmmmmmmmmm...thin mints.... mmmmmm.

  3. I did start a pretty bad facebook least you have gotten to the 1st step of recovery- admiting there is a problem. :)

  4. facebook's a hard habit to break! :) it's too much fun! :)

  5. Re: Your comment on OKC's blog. Hopefully, you didn't wear an Orioles cap to a Yankee game. I hear that can get messy.

  6. SO when do we get our cookies???

  7. Cloud cover? :( I love looking up at the stars!