Tuesday, February 17, 2009

you're wondering where I am...right?

well first I had to go and open another window with my blog on it so I could see when I last posted, cuz even I don't know how long it has been.

OK Chick asked about the doggy in the picture of my last post...That's Lilly...she's rubbing her face on my carpet. she knows it's cute.

when last we "spoke" I was in the middle of last Wednesday. I did manage to do all of what I posted. Ohhh what I didn't post was about my Girl Scout leader training. WHAT A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME! Do you want to know why they had us take this mandatory training??? because they've come out with a new set of books to use. New Leader books, new books for each level for the girls to use to earn...oh wait! They've changed the badge system so now instead of lots of cute badges, they'll only earn 3 or 4. In this lousy economy they want us to switch books and make our girls have get all new books. For a lot of troops this won't hurt so much cuz they make loads of money off cookie sales and can just spend troop funds. But for our troop it would mean each girl buying the books. Well luckily council is smart enough to know that we would all just quit if they forced us to change. So change isn't mandatory, we just have to do it within the next few years. I think I still have time to get Darly through the next level of Girl Scouts on the old system. We'll see.

Thursday we went to learn about Henna tatoos. We got to try to make the cones to apply the henna with. We learned a bit about how the henna is made and why they tatoo themselves. It is neat that the brides get all tatooed and for as long as the tatoos last they don't have to do housework. And finally we got tatooed. They came out really nice even though we didn't leave the henna on nearly long enough. I had intended to leave mine on longer but I put a sticker over mine to keep it from wiping off on my coat...well the sticker took the henna off...bummer. It is still there though, but it is lighter than it used to be.

Friday Darly & I decided to NOT go ice skating cuz that would have been at 10am and we were pooped out from having to be places early every day that week. So we hung out at home that morning. Friday evening I went to Stitch Circle with some friends...Darly came with me cuz DH had to go to bed early and she wanted to come. It turns out that a friend of hers was there, so they chatted at a table near us while we knitted or crochetted. It took me about 5 tries to get my casting on counted right. There was one point where I had the right number on it but I accidentally started knitting with my waste yarn. bummer!

I forget what I did on Saturday.

Sunday we did Church, I still have half of the folks on our list to deliver cookies to. sigh! After Church Darly & I went to IHOP for brunch. And Sunday evening I got to go out! and even though I ate dinner at home all the yummy foods I saw got me hungry. Luckily Heather shared her noodles with me, YUM! and I bought some Key Lime Tart for dessert.

Monday was totally weird cuz DH was finally home. It felt like a Sunday. I made us eggs & baccon for lunch (he didn't want it for breakfast) and I went to the grocery store later. The grocery store was really busy...weird.

Today I went and helped out at the cookie cupboard. That was fun. Mostly we got to chat with eachother and the other cookie folks. One mom got so caught up in the conversation she totally forgot to get her cookies!

Now I'm tired. Oh and today the President was here...wasting taxpayer dollars to sign the useless Stimulus Package here when it could have been done in his office! I didn't see him. I didn't see Air Force one either. But dh got stuck in his traffic and it totally messed up his lunch. sigh


  1. Your very own Weekend Update! I like it. You have been super busy. Wooo that's alot you have accomplished. WOW!

    "It is neat that the brides get all tatooed and for as long as the tatoos last they don't have to do housework." Umm sign me up!

    I had a friend that got one of the tatoos (fake). She left it on while she was on the beach. Needless to say, she had an awesome tan line on her arm. It was pretty cool.

    I have found that most mandatory meetings are worthless! Sorry about the new books. Hopefully, you will get Darly through before having to switch books.

  2. Actually, now that you mention it, I have been wondering where you've been!

  3. We don't get to see the tattoos? Booo!

    So the girl I bought my GS cookies from said she sold 360 boxes. Is that a lot?

  4. When I'm posting a blog I always have two windows of my blog up so I can check stuff I can't remember...awful to have to admit that but it's true.

    I would love to have a reason to get a Henna Tattoo...I think they are gorgeous and not having to do housework until they are worn off, why don't we have that in the west?

    Eaton. :)

  5. A busy bee as always :)

  6. oooh. Be careful with Henna. I learned the hard way that after applying it one time, you can have a severe reaction the second time. Sigh.